We're moving to Vallejo. For about the same rent, we're tripling our living space. But there's a lot to do to make it happen.

The first time I ever moved, I brought as little with me as possible.

The second time I moved, it was across the country, and I only moved what I could fly with or ship.

The third time I moved, I only had to pack a studio apartment worth of stuff.

This time is very different.

I can hardly believe the logistical complexity facing my partner and me. There's a long list of things we have to do, and there's a particular order that they have to happen in. That's on top of me working, her attending school online, and oh yeah, we had like a record number of U.S. COVID cases the other day.

But there really isn't any alternative. We've shared this 450sqft 1-bedroom for three years, and after months of shelter-in-place, it's obvious we're completely out of space.

It's ironic that to get to a place where we have all the time, space, energy, money and peace of mind that we need, we've got to expend so much of it! Some of which goes to just planning how to expend it in the first place!

This may prove to be my most challenging refactor yet.


Actually, much like the times I've ported code in the past, I think a lot of the initial progress is going to come from messing with someone else's stuff without asking first. 😆

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@rezmason that sounds challenging! i hope your move goes smoothly

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