Rabbit wave (波うさぎ ) sculpture. A pattern popular in Japan since ancient times, used in family crests and ceramics.

@rezmason ouaaaaaawow they're so great. Such plump rabbits too.

@rek I do! Partly because I'm using Japanese design motifs in a game, partly because I'm interested in algorithmically generating genji-mon, and partly because they're a wonderful graphic art institution from another place 😃

If you do wind up getting this book, though, I recommend a physical copy over any digitized version

@rezmason Almost got one when I was last in Japan. Couldn't justify purchasing it tho, as I don't need it for a project :)... would just be to look at. Not enough room on Pino for big books (edition i was looking at was thick).

@rek You took more of a field trip approach to the subject 😉 I honestly have no idea how prevalent these are or what significance they carry in folks' day-to-day anymore, apart from what Peter Barakan showed in that one episode

@rezmason That episode made me want to get a book ;). Loved seeing them atop houses, or engraved in wooden doors... more common for old houses though.

@rek What do folks think of them? Are they kitsch, like bavarian decor, or do they carry any gravitas? I have zero context 😅

@rezmason Naw not kitsch at all, I find them elegant, evocative.
I was told my family's coat of arms is an angry swan sitting in a giant crown.

@rek afaik Eastern European Jews never got around to heraldry, but I imagine mine would've been a knish impaled on a clock tower or something 🛡️

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