Hey folks, just coming up for air. I'm not avoiding masto, I'm just working my tail off 😁

Just today, I did dishes, refreshed the litter pans, drilled and hammered roller casters into the legs of the craft table, did two loads of laundry and turned thirty-four. I got irons in the fire.

But I'm keen on getting back to Wireworld and all that, and I'm keeping an eye on Merveilles just in case you set off the Singularity or invent a seitan cordons bleus or some other typical shit 😆 Miss you!


happy birthday! 🖤 sounds like you're keeping yourself busy with lots of projects. i've also had minimal interaction in town lately but it's always so exciting to peek in.

@rezmason we should get all folks gathered 'round someday soon for chaotic-merveilles-wide-irc aka .

As an aside, happy birthday :)

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