"Where's Rez?"

One answer: I had a guest over, and then we got colds, during a pandemic, which in hindsight is so unwise I'm hesitant to mention it in case someone gets the wrong idea.

Another answer: I've been flying over Microsoft Excel 97.

For those who don't know, I grew up with Macs in a very Windows-dominated community who can go to hell. My one concession in the platform wars back then was this flight simulator easter egg hidden in Microsoft Excel 97.

Sick with a cold and hardly able to think, I had enough basal drive to cram Excel 97 into a VirtualBox image, reproduce the easter egg and then start reverse engineering it.

Turns out you can glean a lot from memory dumps!

Fun fact: this flight sim was the work of Excel 97's charting team, including the intern Hank Chien, who went on to become a Donkey Kong world champion and also a plastic surgeon.



Anyway here's the terrain of the Excel 97 easter egg rendered as a surface chart in Excel for Mac 2011.

This moonscape does not exist.

What? No, of course I'm not done. This is destined for the browser, like every other zombie I resurrect from the nostalgia bin. I'll keep you posted.

What? Yes, I'm still planning on live-streaming the project, it just doesn't make sense to try that until my cold's vanquished and I tackle some work stuff.

I'll keep you posted! I will! Jeez!

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