This was an adventure and a hassle.

I've just written a tiny C program for Win32 that reports the current 256-color system palette. This is useful for extracting the color palettes of old palette-based programs.

I'm so far out of my wheelhouse it's eerie. I feel like I'm standing in a bog at midnight with a radio receiver, recording the signal of a numbers station. Real what-the-hell-am-I-doing-out-here energy.

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@rezmason Pardon my ignorance. I haven’t done any real windows dev in that era. I was still in the “DOS is for real games” mindset. Are you stealing it via VGA registers or the Windows API? IIRC Win 95 didn’t stop you from doing hardware IO.

@octesian You're not ignorant, you know more than I do. 😁

I used wingdi.h, which declares the GetSystemPalette function. Only because I found that function name in the Excel binary, and searched for it. I can share my code if you like, it's nothing to write home about 😅

@rezmason It strikes me as odd that says it’s only supported by Win2k and newer. I can’t imagine that there were people still using 256 color mode in that era.

@octesian I think that's a bunch of malarkey. I found references to it in Excel 97!

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