I've made a miscalculation with the Twitch stream.

I promised to an empty chat that I wouldn't work on the while off the air, but in fact I really want to. At the very least I'd like to clean up the code a little bit, so I don't get so bogged down in minutiae next Wednesday.

I also underestimated the amount of joy I get programming my own projects. So now I either need to work on another side project or deprive myself of some happiness, oof! 🤦

One thing I'd be wise to bear in mind is, I'm not just making a product, I'm also making a recorded stream, and the satisfaction that'll come from having the project documented this way will outweigh the rest of it when all's said and done 😊

@rezmason i think you should just do whatever makes you happy :) streaming occasionally, where you share updates on what's new since last stream & what's going on in the day's session sounds like a great plan to me :~

@cblgh I've reflected on it a bit today, and I think what's happening to me is that instant versus delayed gratification phenomenon.

Instant gratification and the expectation of it isn't unhealthy, as long as it isn't universal. I only expect instant gratification from working on side projects. But I need to lose that expectation if I want to stream.

I think I'll compromise by only making changes that'll impact the stream positively. Like anything, it takes some getting used to. 😊

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