So thanks to @csepp I've been able to watch Meteo, and I gotta say, parts of it are hard to watch in 2021. But a lot of it is pretty innovative; it's maybe the earliest post-apocalyptic dystopian film out of Hungary, apparently, with themes of climate change and rampant, hedonistic decadence that feel contemporary. Yet it was produced at the tail end of the Soviet era.


I heard about it from the Matrix code Wikipedia page. I can see why someone suggested it as a precursor— deliberate chemical treatment of the physical film to tint the footage; hacking scenes that focus on green phosphor ciphers that are clearly someone's elaborate sample project of Borland Turbo C; conflicts with vague bullies in a noir setting; frenetic scenes of people doing good knows what in nightclubs; plenty of parallels.



I don't know how well the performance was, but the script and actors made it pretty easy to follow the plot without knowing the language. I didn't realize the main character was a meteorologist (duh!) till he wandered into an office with a giant computer room unimpeded, in the middle of the night. Everything else was pretty straightforward.


I like the plot, I guess, except for I've problematic part. It's not really worth elaborating. Presumably having an immoral supporting character is a way for the filmmaker to say something about the human condition.

Back to the code: it's clearly someone's fun little exercise of trying features of Borland Turbo C. It wouldn't be hard to reproduce with JavaScript, or with some effort, in C89, but I've exhausted myself with these recent deep dives and will put a pin in it for now.


I'm an idiot, we have a hashtag for this.

Meteo (1989) 👆

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