My 3D holographic display arrived yesterday, and I'm so busy I haven't opened it yet.

Sometime this weekend I'll inbox it and put it through its paces. And then do a whole bunch of catching upโ€” the Discord community is full of folks wife had their hands on a unit for months, before the major supply shortages.

The manufacturer puts a lot of their efforts into the software, and they support several common formats and game engines. Their JavaScript API got deprecated; I wonder why.

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What excites be the most though is, the unit has a Raspberry Pi driving it, so I'm hoping there are ways I can program it to render something interesting in isolation, unplugged from any computer.

If anyone here secretly hopes that I'd stop writing all that JavaScript in my free time, well, leveraging that Raspberry Pi is probably the catalyst you've been waiting for. ๐Ÿ˜

Of course, it could all be a gimmick. But for as long as I remember, I wanted to live in an age of digital holographics! ๐Ÿคฉ

@rezmason i was gifted one of these and they're amazing but im slightly at a loss what to do with it

@rezmason like even if i make animations or lightfield portraits it's like, i have to ask people to come look at a little box

@_ I totally agree.

And let's be frankโ€” most folks nowadays make tech buying decisions online, rather than in a physical store, and the Looking Glass devices are notorious for not being easily demonstrable online. I don't see how they'll sell more units without tackling this obstacle.

@_ The value I get out of it personally (besides, you know, healing my inner child) will mainly come from wrapping my head around its methodology, and then converting some of my existing projects ( ) to leverage it.

But this is not a "use case". This is tech for tech's sake. ๐Ÿ˜… I very rarely do this!

@rezmason I had not seen this before, very interesting. I wonder how long until someone pairs it with those myHeritage 2D -> 3Dified images.

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