@neauoire A personal favorite! The various machines capture the imagination, but I especially love the story of the storytelling machines, and the somber tale inside of the Boltzmann brain made out of refuse.


@neauoire Twice, I think! They live two lives, because they lose consciousness halfway through and regain it with no memory afterwards. And then fashions a whole world out of thought.

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@rezmason it's an excellent one. Two night ago, Rekka was reading to me Ray Bradbury's short Kaleidoscope, I think you might enjoy it.

@neauoire @rezmason I was reading Kaleidoscope 2 days ago! My copy of the book it's in has an intro from Ray Bradbury describing how it had been performed as a reading by fans of the work, and it struck me for the first time how perfect it is for reading aloud, especially if you have individual people for the various characters.

@reed @rezmason nice! Rekka made voice for each of the characters, it was awesome/terrifying.

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