Two weird things I've learned recently about WebGPU:

1. You can declare a render pipeline that has no fragment shader. Someone out there, I guess, is using their GPU to draw geometry straight to the depth buffer for some reason.

2. Now that vertex shaders can access their index, you can generate geometry in the shader, and not even have to pass in a vertex buffer, let alone an index buffer.

I'm on the fence about it, but my live streams might become for a few weeks, while I learn this new API and port one of my projects to it.

The downside to this is, it's a form of procrastination because I'm a bit blocked cognitively on the Wireworld hash life implementation. Still, WebGPU would be more interesting to watch, no?

@rezmason just seems smart to me to focus on something else for a bit if you're blocked on a topic :) it's not like yr mind is going to forget about the issues of wireworld hash life implementation


@cblgh Mm, sage advice witch's brew! 🧙🍲✨

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