Consumerism often boils down to an aesthetic treadmill. That's not news, I'm just putting it to words for the first time in a while.

I wonder, do we actually grow tired of what we see, when we engage with the world through technology, or have we been trained to become bored with it?

And do we have to converge on timeless design to evade the planned obsolescence of our platforms, or can we just acknowledge that there's nothing especially wrong with the skin of the beast?

I mean, there are practical considerations to UX including visual design, but are the changes we've grown accustomed to actually justified?

@rezmason are you familiar with the concept of simulacra? empty calories, symbols, signs, and simulations have become so all-encompassing, that it is not longer possible to distinguish the real and the symbol.

I think that's sort of what is happening, cheap copies have completely replaced the timeless objects, enough that they can no longer be produced or even found.

@neauoire @calutron I wonder if these layers sort of mirror the cortical layers Jeff Hawkins writes about, where a layer of neurons directly correspond to sensory information, but higher layers effectively sense higher level patterns in the lower ones. Signifying intermediate information to an emerging collective unconscious cognition.

Not that that would help us individually whatsoever!

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