"What've you been up to, Rez?"

Oh hey! I dunno, I've been sort of stressed and super bummed out! Constantly!✨

My previous plan to make something this year that'd overcome my usual challenges has been totally replaced these past few months by a plan to just maintain my bearings for as long as possible. I have about zero confidence in the human project.

Yes, the light from you bright glimmering fusion reactors still cut through my night sky, but boy is there a lot of empty void in between!

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Even my plan last month to plot dreary Mediocrepolis got delayed. My upcoming three-day weekend may give me the chance to finally walk its mundane streets. Or not? I don't know?

...For the first time in ages, I'm building something out of spite. It's still a kind of feel-good thing to share with the world, but it's kind of morbid. It feels so off-brand I'll probably make an "alt" to share it.

But that part of me needs an outlet.

Anyway, fuck the rough beast for slouching toward Bethlehem!

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