Happy again with my Playdate, post warranty claim!

The perceived theme of relatable underdog protagonists Γ  la Herman Melville (Merman Merveilles?) continues with each week of Season One.

Went ahead and ported the matrix demo to Playdate. Got cozier with Lua and then carried it to C to find out what that's like.

There is an eager-beaver scrappiness pervading this entire tech stack and friends, I am here for it.


Next stop: playing with the audio synth API!

Something I've been meaning to do in my web projects that I haven't gotten to yet is introducing some kind of audio. For now, they're all dead silent, and that attests to my unfamiliarity with audio programming, and my abject fear of making the worst sounds I've ever heard.


But the Playdate SDK seems to have something accessible enough that I can inch my way toward making something I'm proud of.

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Forgot to share footage. You'll have to settle for an emulator screencap, for now, because I haven't mastered holding a phone while operating the crank.

When the crank is undocked, the effect slows, and can be driven backward and forward by cranking.

And when you hold down the A and B keys, there's a surprise!

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