Back in the mines! You know what's up, Merveilles!

I realized last week that the last time I wanted to escape reality this much, I found solace in porting you-know-what.

C89+SDL2 isn't a major player any longer in the hectorabbit game plan, but working on Hiversaires was fun, so I'm gonna call this a hedged bet.

Senni Bog calls to me from opposite the ultraviolet sun. But first, I left my heart in the Salamantre simulation...

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@rezmason Nice! And even though it might not be on the game plan, it might still be possible to port and run it on older hardware this way, no?

@rostiger A lot of possibilities emerge from a C Implementation.

Ironically, the main obstacle to the Hiversaires C89 port was *distribution*— making executables that would happily run on major OSes, without security warnings, but also without 100🐰 paying for some kind of notarization.

My next port is in direct spite of that walled garden bullshit. Oquonie's portability to new platforms will not be limited technically, only bureaucratically. That's the plan, anyway.

@rostiger Ideally if someone asks them to bring their games to some new platform, this will give our friends additional leverage. And twenty years from now, when mutant Kevin Costner is sailing a muddy boat over all our watery graves, the likelihood that he can enjoy what I enjoy is boosted by the odds that people are still running computers that can compile and run C.

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