I was up later than I should've been tweaking the ident. Time to set it aside for a while. I'm happy with it in concept, but the geometry should be a lot easier to line up than it is.

Latest glimpse: slight tint, material change, halftone applied (unnoticeable unless you zoom), self shadowing

Captain's log, supplemental. Here's a first attempt, with a lot of geometry just not quite lining up, let me know what you guys think

I'm not sure if it reads well enough to go on my website's landing page πŸ˜…

"What are you doing today instead of what you're supposed to be doing, Rezmason?"

Me? Oh, nothing really, just setting up the building blocks to write a 3D alphabet in case anybody's got plans to do so.

Ultima Thule, people.

When the Sun was new, two objects locked in a tight, slow orbit collided at the speed of a typical "fender bender", and then stayed that way.

When a student driver tries to parallel park a satellite, it might look a little like this.

The probe will send higher res imagery in the coming months.


Today's ersonal site progress shot #2. Error pages show an inverted identity and angry spikes

Today's personal site progress shot #1. 800x600 screenshots for each project.

.....Ohhh, all right, all right!

Exclusive Merveilles Inverted edition, happy holidays ya nerds βš—οΈ


I keep forgetting I'd done this project, two years ago now. If you like chemistry, color, vector graphics and data visualizations, you might enjoy James Franklin Hyde's periodic table of elements from 1975:


My first resumes and portfolios had a little Flash toy of swirling DNA in the corner. I'm bringing it back, and incorporating my signature color palette into it. A media query hides it, and toggles its animation.

This sort of thing will always be more intuitive than me than basic CSS, skillset marketability be damned.

I forget whether I ever shared this on the Slack, so, here's some graphics I made based on Django Django's Marble Skies vid.


Thread. And public brainstorm!

πŸ“£ SHOW OF HANDS, who here likes data and music?


πŸ“£ OKAY, OKAY, right, my bad, um, who here remembers or has heard of the early '00s internet radio "Massinova"? 🎧


Revel in the marvels of the universe.