For those who aren't familiar with Verreciel (as in "verre de ciel", which is Montréalais for "sky glass"), it's a minimalist space exploration game, where you kind of sit in a wireframe cockpit, fly to wireframe worlds and accomplish wireframe missions. It contains a music album by Aliceffekt!

All my Shader effects so far.

Time for me to submit my webring PR and move on to other projects, I think! 😃

Speaking of rainbow shapes, check this out! 🌈🔬

Nerilso G. Bocchi and Romeu C. Rocha-Filho, at the Federal University of São Carlos, have translated my reproduction of J. F. Hyde's spiraling Periodic Table into Portuguese, and made it into a


to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Mendeleev's table. 🍾

And they did a super good job too! One of them has got SERIOUS vector graphics chops. It was probably a pain in the butt to do! I'm super impressed.


Honestly I think I need to revise the shape on the right, everyone keeps asking me what "RA" stands for.

That's what the pros in the graphic design industry call a "failure"

Hey folks!

You've probably already seen it, but I made some progress on my personal site.

Feedback is welcome! 😃

I finally put that 3D logo gizmo together, and get this: you can click it, and it goes through modes. 😊 I'll add more or swap them out from time to time.

There's also a basic Beliefs page and a stubbed Links page. They'll be built like the webring's other sites, lots of little snippets indexed for easy perusal.

( @neauoire may I join the webring? 🙏 )

Part of uploading my new site to my webspace involves picking through the detritus I've uploaded over the years. Like BitmapEditor, my early Flash playground for developing brushlike art tools. The motley brush, for example, was only ever really good at producing blurry technicolor swishy shapes.

I spent way too long overthinking BitmapEditor.

It costs next to nothing to do the digital equivalent of hoarding, but who would truly miss BitmapEditor if I deleted it for good?

It’s official, folks! We’re married! 🤩 This is our traditional Jewish marriage contract; the wreath is composed from illustrations are from an artist on Etsy who I’ll look up and credit later 😅

Last week I got stressed and made an audio visualizer to chill out.

Does anyone here have Creative Commons licensed music I could select from? It’s not a contest, because you’re all talented and contests exploit people. But ideally I’d like whatever music I use to come from the Merveilles community. 😊

Here’s a video of the visualizer in action. It’s WebGL, source is free online at


The icons also have variants, that are meant to subtly indicate the size (and power) of the player:

I've added new art to Fuligo! Icons, and a patterned theme!

Why, you ask?

So colorblind people can play, of course! I'll add other sorts of accessibility later.

Also, because the classic 1991 game used patterns the same way, to support black and white Macs.

Also also, the patterns I chose are classic Japanese motifs, so they pair well with the icons, which are inspired by Japanese family crests.

Icon descriptions, clockwise from bottom left:


Prepare to be underwhelmed!

So, for the past three or four years I've had a ditty stuck in my head, that usually pops into my mind when I'm in the shower, instead of the usual Nobel prize winning ideas other people get.

I shoved it into Garageband earlier this week, and it's a mess. But I think there's something in it that I could build on.

There's lyrics, but I think it'd be easier to operate on feedback without including that stuff 😁

Let me know what you think, please!

History has demonstrated that this game board is full of potential for modifying existing Cross and Circle games, or inventing new ones. So why not make it easy to do so?

I call it the Rez-O-Matic TroubleMaker, Mark 1.

Before the novelty of scribbling all over it wears off, I might as well just cover it in whatever ideas come to mind.

Before I go on, I'd like to tell you that Irving Finkel of the British Museum has many great and enthusiastic lectures about ancient life, language, and leisure, most notably the Royal Game of Ur and Pachisi. He talks about both here (I've fast-forwarded to the Pachisi stuff):

Pop-O-Matic Trouble comes from the "Cross and Circle" family of games descendent from Pachisi, including chaupar, Parcheesi, Sorry!, Aggravation, Ludo, and of course "Mensch ärgere Dich nicht".

Guess what's on the other side of that decal? Blank paper! What can you do with blank paper? Write on it, of course!

Better yet, you can laminate the whole thing, and spend like an hour punching the sixty holes out, so you can write on it over and over and over again, with any old idea for a Pop-O-Matic-Trouble-shaped board game!

Now, you'd be forgiven for asking, "Why would you want to limit yourself to making games that are shaped like Hasbro's Trouble?"

Well. Ever heard of Pachisi?

Say what you want about globalization (and I do), but one nice thing it does is incentivize megacorps to find cheap ways to sell their wares to as many markets as possible. For a board game company, that means manufacturing a game board manufactured in China, whose localized decals and boxes are made elsewhere.

Pretty ingenious, I think. Like, if Barcelona seceded tomorrow, Hasbro could print the Catalan decal and box in a day, and boom, national board game of a young nation. Hypothetically.

So! Having reached a milestone in my side project that I set for myself nine years ago, I bet you think I've prepared a video showing it off or something, right?

au contraire étésaires, it's too bright a day for that! I've got a whole 'nother project to show you instead, and this photo gallery is the only thing digital about it.

Today, I hacked a board game.

Pop-O-Matic Trouble costs $8.79US at a department store, and the way they lowered the price point helps me modify it:.


The second question is more specific, and is directed to the businesses that still specialize in making Japanese family crests.

The crest "三つ大" or "三ツ大" has a few common variants, and as far as I can tell, it dates back to at least the Edo period.

One of its variants looks like the biohazard symbol, designed in 1966 by an American trying to invent an icon that had no previous meaning.

My question is, how has the biohazard symbol affected the use and interpretation of the 三つ大 crest?

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