This will be about as wild as a one-person JavaScript live stream can get.

Today there'll be a couple bug fixes, and then I'll move the goalposts back a hundred yards before obliterating them.

Prepare for ramming speed. , 6:30 PM Pacific every Wednesday. See you there!

It is , folks!

Episode IV will focus on a more involved strategy for speeding up the engine, but first I have to fix and address the significance of an embarrassing bug.

If you're interested, you can try and spot it 🔍

If you like short stories about mazes and cities— Merveilles, I'm looking at you— might I suggest Interim, a beautiful short comic by Allissa Chan?

Part House of Asterion, part Monument Valley, all beautifully drawn and well paced.

What day is it? !

Come watch me build a weird learning tool that works like pixely circuitry, every Wednesday at 6:30PM Pacific.

Today's all about finding ways to Wireworld smarter, not harder. We can throw cores and GPUs at our problems, but often the most effective solutions come from better knowing a problem and reducing it.

Wireworlding harder comes later.

For my birthday this year (couple months ago), my parents shipped me the family recipe for pasta e fagioli, and all the ingredients.

Finally got around to making it last night and folks, it's fan-tas-tic. 🥣

I thought I was going on a simple, pleasant walk down memory lane tonight,

just a simple little stroll,

but now I've got to find the ancient hard drive with the original vector file I produced this image from 20 years ago. It's eleven at night and I'm halfway to convincing myself to pull down the attic ladder.

Another week, another !

Come watch me build a weird learning tool called the that works like pixely circuitry, every Wednesday at 6:30PM Pacific.

My goal for today is to concisely explain the project's motivations and build a basic brain. 🧠 Let's see some of these electrons march! ⚛️

Announcing !

Starting June 30 at 6:30 PM PT, I'll be programming the JavaScript live every Wednesday. The plan is to explain stuff as I go. I'll link to uploaded recordings afterwards.

Wireworld is a virtual circuitboard system, like Conway's Game of Life but restricted to "wires" (see below).

This project takes me into unfamiliar territory. Eventually I'll dip into WebAssembly and implement Gosper's HashLife.

2,700 words and counting! Four parts written, two to go. So probably about 1500 words left to write. Then I share.


What's it about, you ask? Well I hope you like time travel! And it's time you liked hope travel. The ends justify the means.

...There's a lot of wordplay that I hope doesn't become overbearing.

My threejs implementation of the Excel 97 easter egg is basically done. It could use some music, I dunno.

Come fly with me, come fly, come fly away:

Code's here. I'll flesh out the repo soon to be more like my other projects:

This was an adventure and a hassle.

I've just written a tiny C program for Win32 that reports the current 256-color system palette. This is useful for extracting the color palettes of old palette-based programs.

I'm so far out of my wheelhouse it's eerie. I feel like I'm standing in a bog at midnight with a radio receiver, recording the signal of a numbers station. Real what-the-hell-am-I-doing-out-here energy.

Anyway here's the terrain of the Excel 97 easter egg rendered as a surface chart in Excel for Mac 2011.

This moonscape does not exist.

What? No, of course I'm not done. This is destined for the browser, like every other zombie I resurrect from the nostalgia bin. I'll keep you posted.

What? Yes, I'm still planning on live-streaming the project, it just doesn't make sense to try that until my cold's vanquished and I tackle some work stuff.

I'll keep you posted! I will! Jeez!

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Fun fact: this flight sim was the work of Excel 97's charting team, including the intern Hank Chien, who went on to become a Donkey Kong world champion and also a plastic surgeon.

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For those who don't know, I grew up with Macs in a very Windows-dominated community who can go to hell. My one concession in the platform wars back then was this flight simulator easter egg hidden in Microsoft Excel 97.

Sick with a cold and hardly able to think, I had enough basal drive to cram Excel 97 into a VirtualBox image, reproduce the easter egg and then start reverse engineering it.

Turns out you can glean a lot from memory dumps!

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