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@glyph "commit monster" sounds like something that comes up during couples counseling

@tewha @chris

We can still treasure the memories, at least. Along with black and white photos on the mantle, taken back when SourceTree was full of pluck and vigor, and the only GUI alternative was GitHub's shitty Mac client


@chris "SourceTree, look who's come to visit, it's /features/login/fix_tab_index !"

"Whaaa? Martha?"

"No, remember fix_tab_index?"

"...fix_tab_index, yes, how are you? How's the rebase?"

"Ha ha Grampa SourceTree I aborted that rebase two weeks ago"

"Nonsense, sonny! There's still a hundred and two unresolved conflicts—"

"Sorry fix_tab_index, sometimes he gets confused."

"—did I ever tell you about when we stormed the branches at Normandy? Drove Jerry all the way back to origin, we did..."


Experiencing SourceTree slowly wrecking itself over the past ten years has been like watching a loved one slip away into senility 😧

It's honestly tempting to try switching Verreciel's renderer over to this SVG+CSS method— it's concise, it's declarative, and chances are it could be ARIA-enabled so folks can use it with assistive input devices and such what.

And it's so fucking responsive! What the hell?

But it's easy to overlook some complicated things; 3D wires and structures would be a pain to implement this way. This isn't the path to a VR version, either. But we could promote the game with a site built from this. 🤔⚙️

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Who wants to play with something silly real quick?

Here's a little interactive panoramic thingamajig that looks a whole lot like the Verreciel cockpit, amirite?

The idea is, there'd be an SVG file where all the UI went, and refreshing this page would load them up and display them, without having to hack the game somehow.

I'd really like Verreciel's UI to be artist-accessible. And then I'd like to give a specific artist access to it. 😃


In college once, my friend and I put one of those old handheld camcorders on a flatbed scanner. As the scanner swept, I wiggled the camera's viewfinder screen back and forth along its sensor bar, while my friend moved around in front of the camera.

I can't remember the filename. I'll get back to you.

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so my temp permit ran out but my license plates got here today, so I drove out to get some frames

this cop decided my permit being expired for 5 hours was unconscionable and refused to let me drive home to attach my plates without first attaching my plates

so instead of going home and using my tools to do it, i had to mount inserts and tap the screws with my bare hands before I could drive off

on the highway shoulder, in 90F heat, PS the cop just sat in his car with the AC on and did not help

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SPD: we could've saved that shooting victim by hitting him with tear gas and rubber bullets
RT @ericacbarnett
.@gramsofgnats asked my unanswered question from earlier (yay!): How would access to tear gas (e.g.) have saved a shooting victim's life this weekend? Best says it's because they couldn't clear the area using non-lethal means because of "hasty, not well-thought-out legislation."

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holy shit this rules
RT @Vicky_ACAB
Organizers in Philly have been quietly moving houseless folks into PHA owned properties. PHA has three times as many empty, viable homes as there are houseless ppl in the city, but claim they can't do anything for the housing crisis. Today organizers went public.

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how are we supposed to find police saying they want reform even remotely credible if their response to even this is say they will start shooting protesters

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I rarely feel any pride about my body. But it's been 36 hours since I accidentally took a giant bite out of my cheek, and it's almost completely healed. So maybe I'm made of tougher stuff than I thought!

Welcome home. Adding a couple glyphs to Jonas Hermsmeier's Verreciel vector font. (Does anyone know that human's Merveilles handle?)

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Loiqe once again beckons. It's time to take another crack at this refactor.

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