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HERE IT IS. Video of Nigel Farage actually getting milkshake thrown on him

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Finally met the talks over his girlfriend communist guy couple

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Maybe this is an opportunity in disguise, to make my current project better. Though that’s not always possible. 😶

Has anyone here gone from working on a project for money/perks, to working on a not as good project for more money / better perks?

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@neauoire My FP approach to writing Fuligo’s game code kind of ran aground on UI, and while I’m not utterly lamenting it, I do owe myself an explanation. I’ve fished for clues in articles like this.

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I hope those of you who enjoyed Myst and the games it inspired can pledge to @cyanworlds’s latest game, Firmament.

Cyan is a unique and daring company of world-builders with wholesome, engaging, memorable games. The industry could take a page from their book so to speak. 🤓📖

The Firmament kickstarter is in its final 44 hours, and they are 94% towards their goal with 71,000 USD to go; let’s make it happen!

@ky0ko This is like finding an extra room in a house, behind a wallpapered door.

Which makes it super weird that it’s so prevalent.

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client: "we need you to implement features x, y, and z for deployment by end of day"

me: *after a while of checking the requirements and going through the unfamiliar codebase* umm.... those features have been in place for several versions

Hanging out with you folks is the only framework I need 😊

One day, I'll be able to accomplish what I'd like to accomplish with this UI code, some kind of compositional elegance. That really can wait. What's more important is that the code is readable and stable, and that I can finally get this game fully playable. Everything else is a distraction. I don't need another reason for delay.

Obviously I'm not the only programmer who got mesmerized by something shiny, but I really did think I had good reasons to make an exception for RxJS. For instance, it's a flavor of Observables, which are a proposed addition to ECMAScript. I was just being ahead of the curve!

Famous last words, right?

It's also an incarnation of Functional Reactive Programming, and would let me banish state from my UI code. But when you think of it, ALL the UI we use contains state. What was I trying to prove?

Mmmm, vanilla. 😌

Whenever possible, I try to keep my code projects from using imposing frameworks. The Hundred Rabbits JS ports taught me a lot about that. Fuligo is meant to be *extremely* vanilla. I want its code to last a long time, and minimizing dependencies is an important facet of that.

Yet, for the past two months, I rationalized and then wrestled with a library called RxJS, which twisted the code in weird ways.

Tonight I've decided to remove it. And it feels good to let go of it.

@Phoetius I love games that depict ancient ruins!

Have you heard of the Flash game “Looming”?

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My first game is done, and is officially on! A small puzzle game that takes place in a pixel environment. It's called Lithic Ruins. Currently only for windows. If you play it, I hope you like it! ^-^

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