@neauoire All right, I've got a small text file of feedback, and bugs I discovered (with some fixes) during my playthrough of the Verreciel update. 😊

Want me to turn it into Github issues? Or should I turn as much of it as I can into toots or twitter DMs?

@neauoire Also is Opal Map a Steven Universe reference? 💠

@neauoire Fair enough, but when I run that currently, it warns about almost everything, and has tons of changes.

(which is what it's for after all!)

Does this happen at all to you?

Hey @neauoire, how've you run Verreciel through Standard? I'm going to modify the "fmt" script in the package JSON as a shortcut, and I'm curious about Standard :)

@neauoire Someday you’ll be in the middle of the ocean, you’ll hear a knock on the door and a fifteen year old environmentalist will be there with a clipboard asking you to sign her petition 😊

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@neauoire I’ll download the game tonight and try it out as soon as I have the time, probably Saturday

@neauoire 💯

I would have done this in 2017 but I ran out of time and chutzpah 😁

@neauoire Like a brain pyramid


@neauoire Ideally, we could repeatedly replace the script with higher level behavior, until the script is just “play the game” and the walkthrough accomplishes it

@neauoire I’m gonna file this under “change is good”. 😄 No one’s likely on a mad rush to autopilot Verreciel to completion, so I’ll play it start to finish this weekend, and think up a solution.

A straight recording like last time is super fragile; this may be the motivation I needed to make a more abstract autopilot, that can be given slightly higher level goals and figures out how to carry them out.


In 2009 I had a school project like this.

There’s different kinds of TINs. I thought that this kind had a glaring drawback— the lower detailed areas’ vertices would always be at 45 or 90 degree angles, a sort of directional bias.

I should have tried making a solution with equilateral triangles or a noise deformation or something

Instead I made it connect arbitrary points, so the bias was gone but the processing time was probably longer

There are probably other advantages to RTINs too 🤷‍♂️

@neauoire I've kept this 2014 screenshot bookmarked because of how different it looks.

Like, there weren't a lot of devs daring enough to go from this to the 2016 visual aesthetic. 🎖️

And it comes across as Hiversaireal 😁

Refreshing my memory, I'll get back to you in a short while 🧠🔍

@neauoire 🚀

Two quick questions:

1. Are mouse clocks registering consistently enough when you play? There’s an option (IS_MOBILE) to double the hit box radii that was meant for phones, but if it reduces misclicks on desktop, it might be worth making into the default.

2. Electron now supports modules, which would replace the pile of script tags in index.html with import statements. If you like, I could demonstrate in a branch, no harm no fowl 🦆

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