The basic version goes over every pixel and updates them.

A smarter version only updates the ones that can change.

A smarter version only updates the ones that are neighbors of ones that just changed.

Then there's the GPU accelerated ones,

and then I'll try to make one built on top of Bill Gosper's "HashLife" algorithm.

On top of that is the question about how to move them off the main thread, and how to profile them to perform comparisons. So there's plenty of subject matter presumably

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Here's the project I"m talking about:

It's a cellular automata, like Conway's Life, but restricted to wires; someone designed this programmable computer in it; I'm porting my old Flash app to vanilla JS to run it.

The thing is, there's many different ways to program this. So I could make a video or live stream session for each one.

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Would anyone here watch me develop the different brains of the Wireworld Player in a live stream or video series?

We saved some space tonight by jettisoning any sort of support for font rendering. There's basically one recognizable word written anywhere in-game, and that's the title, and it's a 4K SVG.

The splash and credits screens are just our logos fading in and out. Anyone we wish to thank gets a mention in the contributors file. This game is officially localized for every culture on the planet. Take that, Noto Sans.

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The audio and visual resources of the game occupy nearly the same amount of space. Those are the images on the right, the ambience on the left, the music in the middle. 36MB, 21MB and 20MB.

What you can barely see in the bottom middle are the sound effects— only 109 KB in total— and on the far right, the data file and executable file, 17 KB and 66 KB respectively. Somewhere in that unseen sliver are also the interface files, SVG formatted and rarely over 1KB each.

@flip @neauoire Trash gods making trash worlds is the postmodern theology everyone seems to be rehashing these days

@peptostate This might be the most surreal thing you've posted. 😜

Though I'd watch a short film of Tom Waits barking on all fours start-to-end at least once, and I imagine that when he was younger he might've been up to it

@neauoire In one world of Cyan's Myst precursor Cosmic Osmo, there is a wall programmed this same way:

@helveticablanc it's like an ophanim going through a punk phase 🤘

@helveticablanc To be frank, I think that if the art direction for a remake landed in your hands, that might be the best thing to ever happen to the franchise 😅

@whtrbt Some of the puzzles are very tricky, but if you look up the online hint guide and permit yourself access to its full solutions on occasion, I think it'll take around two nights.

But when I dare to imagine a game like this, made for modern platforms and a modern audience, it's made of the bits and pieces of Merveilles's creative output. It is just too close a match, in my opinion, to the things we resonate with for me to imagine anyone else pulling it off.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. 😊

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The thing is, the author has made his concerns about ports clear: he would require close involvement, and can't commit his time to that sort of project.

My gut reaction is, tough, I'll port it anyway. But I hesitate in a way that implies it goes against some unspoken principle.

I could wait till the man's dead. Or I could do what the creators of "System's Synergy" did, and make a sort of followup game in a similar style, which I'm actually not great at.

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System's Twilight is now free, and playable (without its fun sounds) on the Internet Archive.

...which is fortunate, but still a bit of a shame. You know me, I want to bring this back.

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System's Twilight has a moral, like lots of folk tales. I think its message is, the systems we build to bring order to the world are in fact here for us, to empower us and enrich our lives, and when they fall short— or worse, when they become entrenched and we mistake them for axiomatic things we can't question— the job of diagnosing them, shutting them down and fixing them rests on our shoulders, not theirs.

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