@helveticablanc A thought just occurred to me: it might be a fun exercise to design a pantheon based on the principles of Gestalt psychology in your style. Just floating that idea 😁

@helveticablanc The work you've created along this axis has been outstanding.

In my opinion, your constrained color palette, your focus on shape and figure-vs-ground, and the influences of tarot imagery and maybe midcentury modern character design were like a strong foundation that supported what you've built. They're beautiful, approachable, and often amusing!

Tonight's is going to be new and different!

I've said that before, but I mean it this time: this dog's out of old tricks, and is learning the new ones now!

I'll be researching and programming something that I never fully grasped, but has arguably interesting philosophical implications: HashLife, a quadtree that caches time and space, and accelerates CA simulations by impossible degrees!

twitch.tv/rezmason, 6:30PM Pacific! πŸ”§ Drop by if you like!

Northern California doesn't exactly punctuate the changing seasons, but a flock of wild cornucopias just rolled lazily down my sidewalk in classic V formation, so I guess autumn's here.

Haul out the mutant squash!


@protodrew One day you will be a great operating system πŸ’«

I truly am!

The silly thing is, where I live now I could wander so easily. Granted, I don't have my own car, but public transit would more than suffice. And, granted, half these places are on fire at any given time, but that motivates me to see them before they're ash.

I could pack a small bag and go to a thousand places I've never been to, right now. I just have a dozen obligations in the way, and that seems to always be the case.

I think my next priority should be figuring out why.


The fact is, anytime I miss the sensation of being lost, which is nowadays ALL THE TIME, or feel like I'm sinking into a swamp of messy chaos, the travelogue is right there to keep me afloat, figuratively

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Does knowing that COVID greeted them in Japan (and that I didn't, come to think of it), or knowing about their capsizing, or their shift away from Electron, really have any impact on the substance of the story, the arcs of exploration, liberation, self-dependence, natural wonder, human diversity, overcoming challenges, personal growth?

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YouTube just recommended a 2018 video of @rek and @neauoire trying Majuro's produce, and now I can't stop thinking of that crushed traffic cone story πŸ˜†

I'm only just now thinking of it, but, why haven't I watched those videos again? What is it about knowing Pino is in the Pacific Northwest that convinced me there's no value in their travelogue's previous chapters? *Of course* there's value. They once brought calm satisfaction when my world seemed to be crumbling. They can still do that.

@Pulsaare I wonder, are there any Francophone signers (Francosigners?) who also know ASL but don't know spoken/written English?

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@thomasorus Oh no worries, I've just been hunting for them off and on 😁

@thomasorus This is cool, and thanks for doing it, but I have questions! How do you know where to ship the caps to? How do I money you?

And does anyone know the name of caps that have no button and no eyelets? I own one of those and I want to own more of them. 🀠

@neauoire *slaps joist* This bad boy can fit so many hanging plants on it

@flame The choice of pixel fonts and keeping the card corners sharp is pretty bold πŸ˜πŸ‘

You're god damn right today's !

After two weeks of hiatus and one week of I've-only-got-an-hour, I'm keen on finishing the engine-swapping functionality, researching Bill Gosper's Hashlife algorithm, and having a blast doing it all!

6:30PM Pacific!


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