@mjd The shots you're referencing, at least in the sequels, were produced by animating CGI decoys and plating them with sequences of cubes textured with glyphs.


In the 2000s there was a Windows screensaver that attempted a similar effect by taking an input image, mapping the luminosity of its pixels to a depth, and signing glyphs to those depths, like a bas relief of code. There may be other alternatives waiting for someone to experiment with them 😉

@sprkwd In other words, thank you, you have a refined taste for fictional code 🧐🥂🧐

@sprkwd Those glints are probably a Rezmason exclusive, for now. They debuted in the fourth film's opening titles, and they're very faint.

There's another effect, a subtle bronze iridescent sheen, that'll take a little time for me to figure out, but every weird new trick they teach that old dog can spawn a handful of neat variations 🌈

@rek Thank you! 😊 It's fun to sway back and forth in a spotlight for a little while, but the truth of it is, my project is a mere trifle compared to the bountiful beautiful timeless creative works you and other folks regularly share here.

I'm a junior clerk in this Necromedrean office of wonder and I'm just super happy to be here

I think the interview went well.

I'm not used to someone asking me about my process— voluntarily requesting that information— and that focus helped balance out my tendency to ramble or hop on a soapbox.

Keeping it as text also helped me find the words I often misplace nowadays.

What a nice way to interact with a stranger.

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Also I'm not eloquent with strangers. But I'll try my best

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I want to say things like

"exercising the privilege of making something for free has its benefits"


"we need to relearn to make things that can last"


"The film industry's depiction of villainy is a viable tool for critiquing the film industry"

before the meter runs out.

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A project of mine is trending, and I see this as an opportunity to speak publicly about things pertaining to it, though I also don't want to go overboard

The sunlight this morning is slouching toward red. A nearby part of California must be in flames.

Slowly filling the Massinova trance database, by hand for some reason, and dug up this long-forgotten jam


@csepp Forgive me for N-splaining I just really enjoyed playing that game

@csepp No other game makes losing repeatedly feel as funny and rewarding as the N game series

🏃💨 🤖

It's as if someone made an edgy minimalist cybergame from a pile of Buster Keaton stunts. My favorite example is if you blow up and a limb ends up bouncing on a jump pad over and over again

Name story 

@gosha Thank you for sharing this, I hope this next chapter of your life is a pleasant one!

I have a similar relationship with my given name, and it's one reason I've used my moniker "Rezmason" online— it's the cupboard where I display the parts of myself I'm proud of, and by using it over and over, it becomes more like an actual name.

I tried a couple nicknames as a kid to separate myself from my discomfort with my given name, but what worked in the end was finding better peers 😃


Patch notes: implemented incremental mark and sweep

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