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My new album, called “Gravity”, is finally released and i couldn’t be more excited! Head over to and have a listen or grab your copy! - If anyone needs a download code, don’t hesitate to DM me. Thank you guys

@bartek Man alive! I'm kind of stunned by that. But also, it's just the kind of red carpet you roll out to NASA, Lucasfilm and Frog Design 🤩

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@ckipp MDN is a good vanilla web stack reference, though it doesn’t cover specific topics. I probably hit MDN at least ten times a day 😊

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promising web based open source fantasy console with time travel, sliding numbers, sprite/map/music editor, ...

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Mastodon Is Crumbling - And Many Blame The Lack Of Things Which Make You Angry And Depressed Constantly

@neauoire "I wonder if dolphins can be prejudiced. Oh! Is it 6:15 AM already? OM 🍐 NOM 🍳 NOM 🥐 NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM"

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@rutherford I think this is the exhibit I went to in person a couple years ago? It was mind opening stuff. I believe a lot of its subject matter is still consumable through the website 🌠

@tttlllrrr Sadly this will have to wait because I'm only a quarter of the way through an eight hour Magical Tearoom ASMR video, god damn it Merveilles with your tasteful long-form media links, I have a life to liiiiiiive


in the midnight hour, babe
applied moiré, moiré, moiré
in a little gif
applied moiré, moiré, moiré

I was up later than I should've been tweaking the ident. Time to set it aside for a while. I'm happy with it in concept, but the geometry should be a lot easier to line up than it is.

Latest glimpse: slight tint, material change, halftone applied (unnoticeable unless you zoom), self shadowing

@bartek I dunno about cryptic signs, but maybe corrosion and wear. With a more refined model and a more realistically lit material, I could land it in Uncanny Valley and try some weird stuff there, but I'm more inclined to keep it vaguely shaded.

That might sound like a cop-out, but look how vague shading works to create ominosity in this still from Nicolas Ménard's "Wednesday with Goddard" ( )

You know when you have a creative idea, and you can't quite draw it or jot it down, so you keep it in your minds eye for days, or years? And then you finally do it and you behold your creation, and it's like,

"Eh, 3 out of 5"

Captain's log, supplemental. Here's a first attempt, with a lot of geometry just not quite lining up, let me know what you guys think

I'm not sure if it reads well enough to go on my website's landing page 😅

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