You all probably won’t be looking at your computer screens today, so I’m uploading this early.


From Japantown in Senni Francisco, congrats to the crew of Pino on their astronomical nautical success! You and this community you introduced me to are very re-markl-ble people.

Have tons of fun catching up with old friends (such as Tokyo), and good luck on your next endeavors!


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@halcek Glad you think so! There's one already out there, called "webviewscreensaver", but by making my own, I don't have to seek my IT department's approval to install it on my work computer. 😆

WebSaver 1.0

Turn any web page into a macOS screensaver. Written in Swift. Let me know what's broken. 😎

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So I’ve been wondering. Is there any good sci fi out there which is set in space and doesn’t involve:

a) Some kind of military
b) Naval hierarchies (captains, lieutenants, and so on)
c) Capitalism Gone Wild™


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The ol' monthly bill-and-guilt-trip. I dunno, after they caused a lethal forest fire and then went bankrupt, I feel like they're projecting a bit 🤷‍♂️

I’ve learned a bunch of stuff about Swift and Cocoa these past couple nights. I’ve made a macOS screensaver that loads a web page you specify; it’s very simplistic, and I’ll link you all to a Github for it soon.

The result is, if you want to use a web page as a screensaver, you now can, pretty easily, and if you want to listen to me gripe about the Xcode interface builder user experience, you now can, pretty easily.

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Hello to all Merveilles people!

My name is Stefan.

I am programming enthusiast that works in a computer graphics industry. I like to tinker with different things most of which are game making and visual experiences.

I find communities such as Merveilles really inspiring.

The last personal project I did was a demo for demoscene competition

Sometimes I enjoy trying innovative ways of development:

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@floatvoid I work a block away. Might not make it to the expo floor, but I plan on attending the talk on making games from personal experiences on Monday, and a couple others on Thursday.

“Where the hell have you been, Rez?”

Little ol’ me? I’m figuring out my work/life balance while teaching my dad Illustrator over the Internet, what’s new with you?

Hey, how about that Carol Danvers? I like her backstory and how powerful she is, this might be the first Marvel film that motivates me to read a comic book. Maybe. I dunno, that’s a rabbit hole. Find a way to watch Captain Marvel sometime, is what I’m saying

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Revel in the marvels of the universe.