@neauoire That would be great! No rush no presh, my last post just flew under the radar 😄

One more blast for the weekend: What All Went Down, my unconventional time travel story, is online! Feedback welcome, I haven't written in ages.


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americans: "it's not our fault you elected bolsonaro"
the white house:

White House admits CIA involvement in “War on Corruption” which jailed Lula and elected Bolsonaro | Brasil Wire

@Erjaeger If you need someone to be furious while you catch up on sleep I volunteer 😖

@neauoire when I search for it in quotes, XXIIVV is the second listed result 😁

Disclaimer: Safari Reader seems to cut whole pages out of the story, but hopefully no one's using that to read it. 😬

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Time travel! Feelings! Dialogue, monologue! Adjectives!

If these things interest you, I invite you to read my first, stilted attempt at writing a story in a while, "What All Went Down". Feedback welcome!

My computer says it's about five and a half pages, but I'm not sure I trust it.


Done with the ending's first draft! I'll sand it and polish it a little tonight, and then upload it. 😎👍

It's a little embarrassing, but I like its quirkiness. The people in my life probably have the same feeling about me, so, karma time 😅

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@neauoire What a life you rabbits lead! 😃 Imagine having a pizza delivered there! "Make a left on Main, I'm in the red boat on the left, I'll meet you at the ladder, do you accept Rai stones?" 😆

So boats that have tall keels require tall risers? Or is there a way that they detach?

@neauoire Time and effort well spent!

...Is Pino up in the air? Like on boat stilts or something? ☁️⛵☁️ I ask because I've been walking by Vallejo Boatworks after work nowadays and they have a dozen ships up on risers.

Which makes complete sense, for hull repairs or paint jobs, but nevertheless it's pretty surreal. Like in this second photo, someone has to climb up a ladder to get into a sailboat. Like some elaborate treehouse. To someone with a WFH desk job this looks fantastical.

Just wrote 670 words tonight. My scifi dime novel is one conclusion away from, uh, peer review. 🖋️😊

I spent yesterday recovering from a really bad interaction with other people on the loud bird website. Considering the role hope and empathy play in my story, I take pride in knowing I didn't let that bitterness discourage me from continuing this project. Hell yeah.

@whtrbt @flame I'm sure this would be very useful to everyone, if you wind up going that route 😀

@whtrbt @flame The easiest I can think of is too change your Retina display's scaling in the System Preferences to 1:1. 🤷

@256 These were little webkit thingamabobs. Just HTML+CSS+JS. And probably the main reason Apple originally promoted web apps as the solution for mobile app development.

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