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I haven't got much to show for it,
but another new feature
of Hiversaires SDL is that its code
is now thoroughly documented. 😅


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Last week I released my latest side project: an application to create animated and interactive drawings.

It's not really a tool, more a toy designed to have fun.
I'll share more about it in the coming days

enjoy ->

The dependencies between the code modules. Not super cool, but kinda cool.

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Playing Hiversaire rewritten in C(from Javascript) by @rezmason. It fills me with joy that this project will live on outside of the web ecosystem.

Next I'll touch base with @neauoire about the branding, credits, and coordinating a beta test. And getting it running on that Raspberry Pi! I'm curious about how it performs. I still haven't tried putting the audio subsystem in a separate thread, though, which sounds fun but makes me worry about portability.

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Okay, big-ish news: the game is fully playable! 🎉

Granted, there's still code to write, and this port should really be tested, but the biggest pre-release milestone has been reached.

Second, take a look at this: if you're playing, and you're stuck, and you want to start over, just hold down "R" and the game reddens. Wait long enough and it resets. Hold down "A", and it resets into auto-pilot till you let go.

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inhumane prison conditions

"On New Years Eve, there were already 51 of us in the hole in one “pod,” which is supposed to hold a maximum of 60 people pre-pandemic, who were healthy and uninfected with Covid. However, prison staff decided to add 11 more inmates, some of whom were visibly infected with covid!

This is genocide."

Porting code can be like translating text— it's a lossy operation, because different languages are better suited to express different things. But I think this process has been good to Hiversaires, overall. I especially feel that way at this moment.

Right. Labyrinth time. Ball of thread, check. Minotaur repellant, check. Granola, check. Wish me luck.

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I've arrived here with everything in a good state. I just performed a data refactor (reflected in both the C and JS versions) that makes the game data much easier to read and maintain, and a parallel refactor of the C code. All the door code is now in the door module, the terminal code is in the terminal module, et cetera. Now I can just build a maze module to handle, well, you can probably guess.

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One of the most complex parts of Hiversaires is Entente, the self-aware labyrinth, where we use spatial tricks to basically drop the floor from beneath the player's sense of location. Goodbye, bearings. The first time I really understood Entente was when I last ported the game in 2018. That's the threshold where I stand now.

There's a handsome little book I've enjoyed reading some of and then falling asleep to, that presents the proofs that some of what we program does what we believe it does.

It's called Elements of Programming, and I just discovered it's been free to download since mid-2019!

If you'd like to read it along with me, let me know and I'll do some hashtag-based commentary, otherwise I'll keep my thoughts to m'self.

You know the drill.

There are doors that lock,
And doors that don't,
There are doors that let you in
And out
But never open.

But there are trapdoors
That you can't come back from.

Sure helps to have those debug commands to grant me whatever I want!

You might be able to tell, but the music/ambience loading as the player walks between doors is causing the entire app to freeze briefly. Maybe I can load those on another thread somehow.

Consider this a Hiversaires progress video raincheck. I'm really pleased with what I pulled off this weekend, but it's time for bed.

Looking forward to showing off though! 😃

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Memo Akten published some interesting smooth animations. He called it “Simple Harmonic Motion”

This is my first attempt with sine waves. Visuals only.

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