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I just put my secondhand desk on risers, so I could finally stage this uncluttered photo of the setup:

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6. Beverages, but no food, during or leading up to a stream. Mic'd up coughing fits are no fun.

7. The project needs a little more off-screen prep work before game day. Finish the GUI and pop-ups, so they can be set aside.

8. Find a solution for music. Bull of Heaven won't do; maybe dig up that algorithmic music player someone made.

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4. Streaming, it seems, severely compromises my ability to focus. It's like commentating on myself, while I'm involved in the creative process. I don't think it's reasonable to try and juggle that, so I should come up with a solution. Maybe I do some programming while mumbling and chatting, and then have planned stopping points where I switch into Rez Presents A Concept mode.

5. People, including strangers, will just come and go, and I don't have to make friends with friggin' everyone! πŸ˜…

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Okay, plenty of actionable takeaways from my first livestream:

1. My personality crosses the Zoom divide but not yet the Twitch divide. It could be that I'm uncomfortable hearing my own voice in my headset, but it's more about stage fright.

2. Worked out the audio system issues.

3. With a one monitor setup, everything you see, they see. Creating that user account just for streaming was a good call. A floating chat display would also be a good idea.

About to do a Twitch stream test run. Could be fun, but there's no real plan yet. Feel free to stop by!

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I've spent a couple evenings in a row configuring a separate user account on my computer to program and stream from, and now... I'd rather use that account than my actual user account πŸ˜‘

If anything, it's good practice for when I eventually switch to some Linux flavor down the road

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The signature of another culture. Not readable for us.

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IIIII tilt-in-3D,
the early web had aesthetics
that a-ppeal-to-meee

I'm seeing a lot of great designs for webring buttons!

Mine will probably be basic, but the pixel-pushing shout-to-the-world nature of this thing encourages me to play with something I don't often play with,

which is super pretentious and self-aggrandizing taglines for Internet destinations. Like it's 1997.

Come, cringe with me.

Hey @ice , your Hyperjam entry Oracles just landed on WarpDoor!


Thanks for the feedback, folks! Looks like I'll be making an attempt at a recorded live stream in the near future. I'll use to announce broadcasts. It might not be highly polished, but I'll make a serious effort to be clear and straightforward with whatever I'm doing onscreen.

Of course if anyone has any tips for live streaming, I'm all ears. πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚πŸ‘‚ Meanwhile, watch this space! πŸ“Ί

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The basic version goes over every pixel and updates them.

A smarter version only updates the ones that can change.

A smarter version only updates the ones that are neighbors of ones that just changed.

Then there's the GPU accelerated ones,

and then I'll try to make one built on top of Bill Gosper's "HashLife" algorithm.

On top of that is the question about how to move them off the main thread, and how to profile them to perform comparisons. So there's plenty of subject matter presumably

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Here's the project I"m talking about:

It's a cellular automata, like Conway's Life, but restricted to wires; someone designed this programmable computer in it; I'm porting my old Flash app to vanilla JS to run it.

The thing is, there's many different ways to program this. So I could make a video or live stream session for each one.

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Would anyone here watch me develop the different brains of the Wireworld Player in a live stream or video series?

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