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Hey, Merveillians, if I wanted to watch the Hungarian art film Meteo, what resources would you recommend? I'm not having much luck searching for it yet.

#OtD 25 Sep 1968 Seattle city council brought in a gun-control law at the behest of the Republican mayor to prevent self-defence patrols by the Black Panthers. Many gun-control laws were introduced around then with NRA support to disarm African-Americans.

Tonight's is going to be new and different!

I've said that before, but I mean it this time: this dog's out of old tricks, and is learning the new ones now!

I'll be researching and programming something that I never fully grasped, but has arguably interesting philosophical implications: HashLife, a quadtree that caches time and space, and accelerates CA simulations by impossible degrees!, 6:30PM Pacific! πŸ”§ Drop by if you like!

Northern California doesn't exactly punctuate the changing seasons, but a flock of wild cornucopias just rolled lazily down my sidewalk in classic V formation, so I guess autumn's here.

Haul out the mutant squash!

The fact is, anytime I miss the sensation of being lost, which is nowadays ALL THE TIME, or feel like I'm sinking into a swamp of messy chaos, the travelogue is right there to keep me afloat, figuratively

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Does knowing that COVID greeted them in Japan (and that I didn't, come to think of it), or knowing about their capsizing, or their shift away from Electron, really have any impact on the substance of the story, the arcs of exploration, liberation, self-dependence, natural wonder, human diversity, overcoming challenges, personal growth?

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YouTube just recommended a 2018 video of @rek and @neauoire trying Majuro's produce, and now I can't stop thinking of that crushed traffic cone story πŸ˜†

I'm only just now thinking of it, but, why haven't I watched those videos again? What is it about knowing Pino is in the Pacific Northwest that convinced me there's no value in their travelogue's previous chapters? *Of course* there's value. They once brought calm satisfaction when my world seemed to be crumbling. They can still do that.

You're god damn right today's !

After two weeks of hiatus and one week of I've-only-got-an-hour, I'm keen on finishing the engine-swapping functionality, researching Bill Gosper's Hashlife algorithm, and having a blast doing it all!

6:30PM Pacific!

Twenty-five minutes
Two contestants
TIC-80 graphics programming
Who can make the coolest effect?
Will I make it to the final?*
Find out at Lovebyte Battlegrounds!


It's been a long wait for a , and this one can only go for about an hour, but there's got to be some return to the schedule! Tonight's plan is to make the app load different engines based on different strategies.

See you at 6:30!

Matrix rain go brrr.

Added a density parameter to make it rain harder! That worked out quite nicely.

Now I need to figure out a decent way to get this system to support 2D and 3D simultaneously, so to speak. 3D, and the parameters that only apply to 3D, should be an option to switch on or off.

Then I'll update the readme, and then it'll go live. 😁 And that'll be enough of an update until the Looking Glass display finally arrives.

Ah, there we go. Matrix rain with depth.

It's a significant tradeoff. Until this experiment, I'd kept everything 2D so I could shape everything in the fragment shader, like so:

That flexibility has to be sacrificed to do perspective projection in the vertex shader. But I see no other way. I wouldn't want to learn raymarching for this application.

Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


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