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It's raining cats and dogs in my part of the world, so I thought I'd make you all a rainy day playlist.

Feel free to chime in!

Bae: come over

Me: can't, I'm a NURBS surface

Bae: I just installed RenderMan 1.2


Happy Wednesday!

Today I'm streaming my Matrix code project instead of a usual .

The repo ( ) has gotten a lot of views, but the code might be hard to fork, so I'll be trying to clean it up. 6:30PM Pacific!

... I'll tell you how it panned out. Tempers flared, I said she was full of hot air, she said I have no taste.

I left her alone to stew in it, now I'm three sheets to the wind

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Today my oven and I had a fight.

Things got heated.

... I've been told the old org could drive me down to Oakland. I don't want that. But they clearly do

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Tonight I'll finally introduce myself to the STEAM folks in an email, making sure not to commit to anything prematurely. Maybe they have some use for my abilities and experience. The lady I met tonight from the org was certainly very positive.

I still feel like I can't broach the topic with the old org till I know whether or not the new one wants to work out something. These are shoestring operations. But my stupid limbo state of going to have to stop.

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The old museum really benefits from regularly held free classes, it gets for traffic. And I want them to succeed. They're just so far away. They've vaguely suggested a remote teaching setup, which sounds like a hassle.

So I've said nothing.

But months of nothing is a no. Let's be honest.

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So I used to teach kids to code at a museum in Oakland. It was within walking distance and it was a way to give back. They've since moved and locked down, and so have I, and now I'm getting calendar invites to meet with other museum volunteers during my Wednesday live streams, like an hour long drive away.

Meanwhile there's this STEAM extra curricular org a short walk from my new home, and I've dragged my feet introducing myself, getting the ball rolling.

Because it's hard to say goodbye!

65% CPU, just sitting idly in a window in the background.

To make a computer do work just so that you do nothing, is the opposite of software. Unless it's a kind of weird art piece.

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Pro tip: if you keep hearing a jet engine noise constantly and you live nowhere near an airport, you probably have a Rolling Stone article open in a browser tab somewhere

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