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Rezmason's 2021 recap:


- Finished Hiversaires port to C89+SDL2

- Made an isomorphic JS game in a single day for a coding challenge


- Reverse engineered the flight sim in Excel 97, made an HTML5 port

- Started coding livestream

- Wrote a scifi short story


- Successfully implemented HashLife algorithm

- Worked my ass off at my old job


- learned WebGPU

- updated Matrix code rain project

- created my first computer hologram!

- Found a new job with promotion and huge raise

Apple Inc. (b. 1976)
Kextistocracy, 2021
modal windows on desktop

Apple, Inc. (b. 1976)
Welcome to Macintosh, 2021
Security error popups on desktop

I held off on upgrading macOS for a long ass time, but here I am. Like always, there was some data loss, and the significance of that data is also lost.

I just wish I had a better reason behind upgrading in the first place. The game remake that required it is really no better than the version that preceded it. Meanwhile Apple's forcefully dragged my computer experience further into the gutter.

And for what?!

Maybe this discomfort is the incentive I need to switch to Linux in the new year.

Monterey's single reported complaint is that I still had the Flash plug-in installed.

I wonder how long my list of complaints will be.

So now I'm transferring my Time Machine backups to a new drive, so I can back up my files, so I can erase, upgrade and restore my computer, sacrificing my 32-bit apps to planned obsolescence, so I can play the fourth or fifth remake of a game I beat in second grade.

Viewed through the lens of this moment, TempleOS doesn't feel so outlandish.

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The plan, originally, was to okay Myst. They remade it once again, and I bought it and sat through the 10GB download.

It turns out it requires macOS 11+, so I decided to put Mojave in a VM for my 32-bit applications, which was another few GB. And then I downloaded macOS 12, which is another fifteen.

It won't install, because of a disk problem. The fruit company suggests backing up and then a fresh install.

My backup drive is full. πŸ˜‘

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Ahh, shit. ⏳

Every tweet, article and discussion post throughout the Internet tells you this stuff takes hours, but they don't tell you it'll take hours and then it'll take *more* hours.

Psychologically, there's a big difference between sitting through one progress bar with no displayed ETA and sitting through several. This isn't even the main event.

At least there's comfort in knowing this is the fastest method for doing it right.

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Just learned how to perform a block level copy of a volume. My OS couldn't care less what's on Volume A, it is copying it verbatim to Volume B as fast as possible and I can sort out the rest when it's done.

Current soundtrack: πŸ“»πŸ”Š

Hey Merveillians! I was planning on streaming this evening, but I'm blocked by some disk repair and backup drive initialization. There's no telling how long it's going to take. I'll try streaming on Friday night instead.

I'd been putting off some changes to What All Went Down, but @drisc lit a fire under me and I just got through it. πŸ˜€

The major modifications:

- gave the intro a little more context
- elaborated on the Battle of Phoebe Regio and the significance of a pataweapon
- added that Kedge is ignoring Mission Control
- rephrased and tightened up a bunch of stuff

If you haven't read it before, you're cordially invited. Feedback is always welcome!

It's again!

This week we'll be combining two separate engines that run in "different gears". βš™οΈβš™οΈ Like an automatic transmission, we'll dynamically switch between them while the app remains responsive., 6:30 PM Pacific!

Today was my last day working for the AAA developer that acquired my studio earlier this year. My new job at a smaller business will begin about a week into the new year.

I should take some of that intervening time to defragment and garbage collect my whole fuckin' deal.

Browser clutter. Unread clutter. Desk clutter. Office clutter. House clutter. Brain clutter. Goal clutter. Fear clutter. Faith clutter.

Maybe I should adopt one of your time trackers.

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This was a commission, and it's easily one of my favorite pieces from this year!

You can read more about this piece here:

Finally worked out how to draw holograms.

My inner child thinks I'm really cool now, which feels nice. It's hard to please that kid!

Hey folks, no stream tonight! I've just got too much other stuff to do.

It's trendy these days to blame AWS, so I'll do that. It's because AWS everyone

It's again!

Tonight I hope to pass the milestones necessary to bring the HashLife algorithm into the main branch! That includes figuring out a good UI for it.

It's been an interesting journey, working out how HashLife's cached macrocells relate to one another, what can be garbage collected and when. But I know enough now to get things to work fairly well!, Wednesdays at 6:30 Pacific. See you there!

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