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Long time maker and crafter, forever curious about everything from electronics to music, woodworking to code, cooking to folklore.

Currently scaling down and preparing to build a moving home and shifting my lifestyle to be able to spend more time on my art and craft.

Queer, trans and weird. Based in Mtl right now, looking to relocate to BC next year.

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How silly would it be if humans would all get into little (or not so little) horseless carriages whose only method of communication is a wordless scream

Some sketches for some upcoming apartment projects, yep I'm totally making a small weapon rack for our cat's toys

I've been eating plant-based food for a year now and still haven't figured out salty snacks. I'm curious if any of you had favorite recipes :)

Been quiet online these days, I just moved in with my partner in a new place and we're slowly getting everything in its place, got around and practiced soldering copper tubing today for an apartment project ~

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Went back through my daily drawing from the last months and I think I found a format and frequency that works for me to integrate drawing in my daily life. Got 56 drawings so far and I'm still having fun, better than any inktober I attempted so far :3

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New recipe in our online documentation: Tempeh!

We discovered and learned how to make tempeh two years ago when we lived in Amsterdam. Going vegan invited us to explore food in a way we had never done before. Tempeh is now part of our daily diet. Making it taught us a lot about fermentation and its benefits, helped us understand our environment, made us want to become more resilient, to make our own tools.

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In a churchyard in Dacre, Cumbria are these four stone statues. Nobody know what they are and they're probably older than the village and church itself. They're called the 'four bears' but there looks to be a mane and tail on one so they might be lions.

big chalk person depiction of trans naked bodies 

The Cerne Abbas giant but trans.

If you ever wondered what pineapple leaves looked like after a full winter under snow:

Met someone from Merveilles in person tonight and saw some greats trees, real ones and drawn ones :merveilles:

More progress on the illustrations, this one featuring writing and photos by @grumpy

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Completed my bloodborne pathogens and safety training for tattooing! I still need a lot of practice but it's great to have all this new-found knowledge :3

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