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Long time maker and crafter, forever curious about everything from electronics to music, woodworking to code, cooking to folklore.

Currently scaling down and preparing to build a moving home and shifting my lifestyle to be able to spend more time on my art and craft.

Queer, trans and weird. Based in Mtl right now, looking to relocate to BC next year.

big chalk person depiction of trans naked bodies 

The Cerne Abbas giant but trans.

If you ever wondered what pineapple leaves looked like after a full winter under snow:

Met someone from Merveilles in person tonight and saw some greats trees, real ones and drawn ones :merveilles:

More progress on the illustrations, this one featuring writing and photos by @grumpy

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Completed my bloodborne pathogens and safety training for tattooing! I still need a lot of practice but it's great to have all this new-found knowledge :3

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Took part in this really fun workshop yesterday about landscape: thelandscapeislistening.cargo. the prompts are still up for a week if you want to have a go at it :)

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Also doing some slow progress on the fantômes zine, editing starting soon and I still have some illustrations to complete :3

I'm halfway through my bloodborne pathogen training, this whole tattooing thing is getting more concrete :3

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Thinking about this tree I saw in a cemetery by the Loch Ness

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