Long time maker and crafter, forever curious about everything from electronics to music, woodworking to code, cooking to folklore.

Currently scaling down and preparing to build a moving home and shifting my lifestyle to be able to spend more time on my art and craft.

Queer, trans and weird. Based in Mtl right now, looking to relocate to BC next year.

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@ritualdust YES! WEST COOOOAST. Are you thinking of building the moving home east and drive it west, or build it here?

@neauoire My partner comes from BC and can't stop telling me that haha

@neauoire The plan is to get the van and convert it in mtl in the spring and then make the trip through Canada during the year :)

@neauoire it's exciting as hell, looking forward the adventure and the freedom, I'm done with the startups XD

@rek it's nice to see you again too! I might pick your brain on plant-based cooking at some point, I went full vegan this year :3

@ritualdust good luck with your life conversion , my partner and i are living in a camper in vermont atm, its very educational!!

@fleeky Thanks! That's super cool, I might reach out for questions in the process if you don't mind :) I love getting educated by life so looking forward to that haha

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