@ichabod we need one of those videos "how to pronounce X" for Merveilles. Personally, I pronounce it in Quebecois french :P

@neauoire @ichabod it all says Merveilles, including the weird stretched-out and granulated ambient background :P

@ritualdust @neauoire @ichabod That's the same pronunciation as French France btw.

(but we might lack the cool background drone)

@lanodan @ichabod @neauoire if you get really deep in Quebec it becomes more nasal ~

@ritualdust @neauoire @ichabod I had questions... and now I have more questions 😂

I love this so much :tealheart: :merveilles:

@ritualdust I totally listened to this like a bazillion times this morning trying to emulate your pronunciation

@chotrin if you get to 2 bazillion the reverb will manifest by itself

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