I've been thinking about doing a little collaborative art zine project lately and it's starting to come together. It's going to combine story-telling, poetry, folklore, illustration, and photography in a black and white printed format reminiscent of old-style occult and black metal zines. If one of those things calls to you and you would like to submit a piece let me know :)

@neauoire sweeet! I would love to have some of your stuff in there!

@neauoire here are the sizes, there's two page formats (width x height):
Small single page: 4” x 5.5”
Small spread: 8” x 5.5”
Large single page 8.25” x 5.5”
Large spread 8.25” x 11”

I'll be assembling it during spring next year, I'll update when I have a fixed deadline :)

@neauoire Paper color options:
Pale green

@ritualdust why are there 2 pages format? Is it going to be printed in big and small, or will it be a mix of the 2 paper sizes, like a small zine included in a larger one?

@ritualdust Are re-subs ok?

I am currently writing/drawing a thing that is kind of divination board - think something between a spirit board and rune-casting (although using dice instead of runes).

It is technically for an artsy-fartsy rpg zine about necromancy (to be released January), but it is pretty much a fortune telling mat/spread that also can be used as an oracle in RPGs.

@ritualdust Awesome, I should have it ready early December, then I will send it your way :)

I am shooting for 8.5x11 spread (just because it gives you more space for dice to land on).

Can send a finished pdf, or any source file if preferred :)

@FredBednarski pdf is perfect, as is the time frame and format, thanks a lot for this, excited to see it!

@ritualdust count me in! I think I can find some photos and folklore excerpts to fit the theme

@ritualdust I've got some friends who aren't on Masto whose stuff would fit this perfectly. Would it be okay if I shared this with them?

@Human_emulator yes totally, I'm putting up a website right now with more info about it also :)

@salamander Awesome! I've put a little website with thee info about how submission works and the email where to contact me: you can send me an email even if you don't have the finished piece and just an idea, it'll help me plan the whole thing :)

@ritualdust I have been wanting to write a ghost story for a while. Let me have a think.

@jameschip i would love to have it in there, keep me posted about that!

@dualhammers thanks! I think so too, got some great submissions already and i’m excited to start putting it all together :3

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