@ritualdust If you've not read the book No. 44, I cannot recommend it enough. It's one of the my favourite books in the world.

@neauoire taking good note of that! I found myself going back to this page recently and ended up watching Valerie A Týden Divů, really happy i did

@ritualdust No! I totally forgot about it. There was posters for it all over amsterdam last time I was there. I should have a look.

Have you ever watched Faust? the classic stop motion film?

@ritualdust I'm not sure if I'd say that Alice or Faust is.. good. It's a thing that exists..

@neauoire from Švankmajer you mean? I've seen Alice in university and quite liked the world-building and animation style

@neauoire totally, the story and the metaphors are pretty great and it's not every day you see full rooms transform with painted animation on the walls

@ritualdust @neauoire i can't recommend bruce bickford's "prometheus' garden" enough, it is one of the most beautiful and brain-hostile things i've ever seen. the density of a visual finnegans wake.


@dogstar @ritualdust never managed to watch it all the way through. Eventually I'm always like OKAY ENOUGH OF THAT.

@neauoire @ritualdust i watched it uninterrupted with a group of friends who were dead silent on a big tv. afterwards my brain felt similar to the time i just listened to a loud sine wave for a an hour. psychoactive

@dogstar @ritualdust "wow, that was a pretty intense 4 hours! "

"It was 20 minutes long."

@neauoire @dogstar can't even fathom what I must have been like to edit the thing

@ritualdust @neauoire thinking of other film/animation i would consider brain-hostile...

the comment about editing makes me think of the time before i was sober where i had an edible and then watched "poochiewoochiez doggiewoggiez", which was everything is terrible's remake of "the holy mountain" using only clips of dogs from shitty movies. was psychically pressed to the wall behind me

@dogstar @neauoire that sounds like one hell of a trip, the holy mountain is already something in itself haha

@ritualdust @neauoire it's a fairly... non-standard adaptation, it is roughly an hour and a half of this, similar pacing/editing: (warning for flashing lights) youtube.com/watch?v=MJZvPwwXYD

@neauoire @ritualdust oohhh, no! this looks like it'll scratch that same tetsuo: the iron man itch...

@neauoire @dogstar @ritualdust

I don't think I need coffee the rest of the day after this!!! This beat could kill lesser people.

@stunder @neauoire @ritualdust yeah it is extremely good. i miss raving. i hope i get to thrash myself to pieces to an ayarcana set again someday

@neauoire @ritualdust

WOW!!! this is insane, I am not sure I was ready for this trip down the rabbit hole this morning.

@stunder @neauoire I feel like i'm never ready for the rabbit holes I end up in but that's ok haha

@ritualdust @stunder "Here I was, innocently sharing pictures of guillotines, little did I know that-"

@neauoire I've never seen this before and it was amazing. It's the best thing I've seen in a long time. Also I've added No.44/The Mysterious Stranger to my reading list. Thanks for sharing these things 👍

@neauoire this stayed on my mind for a while, I had to give it a shot :3

@ritualdust I'm glad it had an impact. I hope you read the book :)

@ritualdust That would make a great set piece for a diorama depicting the storming of the Bastille.

@Ertain totally! or as an accessory for a Jeff Bezos action figure ;) But actually, it's a companion piece for the latest song I did with my bandmate for Blood and Dust: soundcloud.com/blood-and-dust/

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