So, I'm making a playlist to accompany the first issue of the Fantômes zine, what's the most ghostly song you know?

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@ritualdust Vangelis - Le singe bleu comes to mind, for reasons unknown

@neauoire @ritualdust for whatever reason, I’m in no way surprised that you’re the first person I’ve encountered who also enjoys A Hawk & A Hacksaw :D Been listening to them for years and it seems few people in my circle are familiar with them.

@reed @ritualdust their album "You Have Already Gone to the Other World" is one of my favourite album of all time. I don't know anyone else who like it tho 😢

@ritualdust I've got a bunch, not sure if they 100% fit but they popped into my head:

Lustmord's entire discography

Brian Eno - By This River

AURORA - Black Water Lillies

@detondev ohh that brian eno song, discovered it from the Yoshida Brothers cover first :)

@ritualdust Maybe not what you're looking for but this haunts my bones Enemite - The Head Stream - River Of Death

@ritualdust definitely "dead people's things" by deathprod :)

@dogstar I have no idea how i missed this artist, that's amazing and so inspiring

@ritualdust its hard to pick just one, but i'd probably pick "clairaudience" by severed heads as it kind of fits w/ the piece i submitted

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