Recently got some fake skin to practice on, it's really tough and doesn't feel anything like real skin but it's a lot of fun to practice shading and the hand speed/voltage relationship :3

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@ritualdust I didn't even know fake skin is something one can buy.

My amateur-propmaker self from 10+ years ago would be all over that!

Does it look like real skin close up or is it more of a utility for tattoo artists and not really going for the "real thing" aesthetic?

@FredBednarski it's mostly for tattoo practice, i know people who study for microblading and other stuff like that use it too. Generally it's really more like rubber than skin, there's been some improvements lately in that area with brands like a pound of skin and reelskin but those are super expensive. I didn't knew you were into making props, that's super cool we should talk about that one day!

@ritualdust Yeah, I was in a group that would host themed (a mix between steampunk and fable stuff) events back in Poland. Helped making some props for peoples' costumes and sets. Nothing fancy, but had a blast doing it and learned a lot.

Sadly, from your description it seems that this fake skin is kinda cost prohibitive for prop making... but I bet there are now some latex products that will have a look of fake skin, but not the qualities (or you can cast your own with liquid latex ;)

@FredBednarski oh sweet! I really love making props, especially making things from movies and games, there's just something so cool about making these fictional worlds a bit more real by making an object from them :)

Yeah indeed and it only comes in flat sheets which aren't very skinlike, I agree that liquid latex or cast silicone are the best methods for realistic fake fleshy things ~

@ritualdust it is harder than regular skin. But looks like you're doing a kick ass job with your shading.

@stunder thanks! yeah i'm happy I started with fruits first, this feels like well rubber haha, I can just tell that going as hard on human skin would just rip it to shreds haha

@ritualdust Your shading and line work are crazy good!
Fake skin has the advantage of being flat, why oh why do humans have so many rounded or protruded edges and bones? :P.

@rek thank you so much! :3 The edges and bones don't make it easier for sure but I also find it fun to come up with designs that fit the muscle and bone shapes, 've been playing around just drawing on myself with a sharpie for that

@Nikolai_Kingsley not really, i tried pigskin when i was a lot younger and first got interested in tattooing but it was quite messy to work with and I've since got vegan so i would prefer avoid it :)


i wonder how much people would charge to let you practice on their buttocks? 😄

@ritualdust My two cents : there are two problems with artificial skin and pig skin for tattoo practice : firstly, they are flat. What is hard in tattooing is managing to draw on a not-flat surface, with no proper hand support. Secondly, you can't "break" ("éclater" in French) the line : going too deep and putting ink in the hypoderm, where fat is, which leads to line spreading and scars in the short and middle term. You can almost go as deep as you want in pig skin and artificial skin.

@ritualdust When I was taught tattoo art a decade ago, I mainly used pomelo fruits to train : they are round and difficult to handle, which is great, but the most important is that if you go too deep, your line gets all fucked up. That's essential to learn how to tattoo without going too deep. A too shallow tattoo piece can get fixed : a too deep one can't.

@jylm6d that's excellent advice indeed, I started practicing on fruits too to start but I've been wanting to practice shading and more detailed pieces. I still need to practice how I hold my machine and position my hands to help with hand support and stability, like you say that's the tricky part and i often feel that my line depth is not uniform when tattooing a rounded thing. Was there something that helped you with that?

@ritualdust Practicing with common pen and paper helps build a very steady hand. You can try to draw over some lineart very precisely, with your new line matching exactly the existing lineart. And you can try to do it vertically, on an easel. But doing lots and lots of pomelos until being confident with your lines is really the way to go. Shading is a lot easier, lines are the really tricky part, where the worst mistakes can be made.

@jylm6d that makes a lot of sense, I've been drawing daily for a little while and instinctively practice the going over the same lines thing for my outlines, I'll definitely try on an easel or just weird surfaces. Thanks a lot for sharing!

@jylm6d Also just went and checked your work and website and I wish I was living closer, I would love to get one of your plant ghosts, really cool work!

@ritualdust Hey, thanks ! Actually I'm in the process of stopping my tattoo art activity. Glad you like it, though.

@jylm6d That's okay, I hope you enjoyed it while you practiced it :) I'm wondering now, would you be open to sell me one of your plant ghost flash? If i can't get it tattooed i would still love to have it on my wall and if you're open to it i'd like to publish it in my upcoming fantômes zine:

@ritualdust Being a tattoo artist has been a wonderful experience, I learned a lot, it was a tough but gratifying job.

I'm glad you like my leafy ghosts ! I'm more than ok to have it published in your zine. About hanging one on your wall, I don't sell my originals but I plan to sell art prints, so I'm tempted to make a printable version of that one, after I'm through with a big first project I'm lost in right now. Which ghost do you prefer ?

@jylm6d That sounds nice, I'm happy to hear that, it's encouraging for my barely starting journey into it ^^

Thanks! My favorite one is the first one with the full cloak, a print would be perfect and for the zine, I'll keep in touch to show you how I integrate it and when the zine is out :)

@ritualdust I will work on a printable version then, for your zine and to make an art print. When is the deadline for your zine ?

@jylm6d sweet! the deadline is passed but when I saw your drawings I was like this has to go in there haha, you can just send me 300dpi version of one of the ghosts you like the most and I'll include that :)

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