@ritualdust oh shiiiit just checked out the links on your profile and found Rites of Blood and Dust on bandcamp and straight up bought it because it is fantastic!

@grimmware Thanks so much! Glad you enjoy the doom and gloom :)

@epilys That's hard to tell, there's at least a couple more weeks of illustration and editing :)

@ritualdust Can't wait :) Love getting great zines in the mail

@epilys of course! Hellebore, Fiddler's Green, Weird Walk, the lastest Astral Noisze is awesome too

@ritualdust I got all Hellebore issues, looks like I will get both Weird Walk and Fiddler's Green as well. Thank you!

@tehn thanks! I'm especially excited to see it printed on the good paper :3

@ritualdust Anyway, you did a terrifying job!! It's so good that I might have something else to offer you.

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