Anybody on here knows a good service or library to add the ability to sell physical goods on a static site that's preferably open source and support credit card and Paypal payments? I'm getting the website for the Fantômes zine ready for release :)

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@ritualdust I cannot vouch for Snipcart as I have not actually implemented it on my sites yet, but it looked like a good option when I was researching this question:

Sadly proprietary and not self-hostable, AFAIK. I would also prefer FOSS.

Curious what you end up going with!

@skyfaller Yeah snipcart is one of the options I'm considering, met one of the founders a couple years ago, it's a nice small team working on it and it looks quite lightweight and flexible, I might go with that if nothing else turns up

@ritualdust @skyfaller you might give SendOwl a look, if proprietary and centralized aren't hardline barriers.

They treated me well, the short while I tested the service.

(...I too would like a selfhosted option for this sort of thing.)

@ritualdust i haven't used it myself, but I know a few folks who liked using Snipcart for this

@anarchivist thanks, good to have more opinions on it, it's still the main one I have in mind :)

@ritualdust I think PayPal has the ability to generate buy it now button you can embed but it is limited feature wise.

@ritualdust Unfortunately I don't think any payment processors let you use anything but their proprietary crap, I ended up just using PayPal's JavaScript on this static site:
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