Making a new handle out of white oak for a small ball peen hammer that's gonna go in my tool chest


Slowly getting smoother, this takes so much sanding XD

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Hammer handle sanding update: using a large file really helps to get rid of the high spots and fairing the curves :3

First coat of oil on and snug fit in the hammer head. Once it will have 3 coats of oil I'll hammer it deeper in there, put the wedge in, and trim the excess.

Time for the wedge to go in, I used a scrap bit of ebony I had lying around but I would have used a wood that's less endangered now if I had to get new wood for it. Walnut would work well and create the same nice color contrast

The finished little hammer, ready for another 100 years of use if well taken care of.

Made a post on my website for the hammer handle project with more details on how I made it and finished it:

@grey haha, as the grit gets higher the determination gets lower :P

@ritualdust gorgeous little thing. What sort of oil are you putting on there?

@neauoire thanks! I use a linseed oil made for cutting blocks and sand in between each coat :)

@ritualdust but tell me this: how do you hammer the wedge into the hammer head?

@dokoissho with a second hammer :P or you could bang it against a hard surface

@dokoissho damn haha sorry, i do have trouble reading sarcasm / jokes sometimes

@ritualdust This is lovely! I have a lot of old hatchet and axe heads that could do with new handles; it's on my "To-Do" list.

There's some beautiful 100-ish-year-old tools in my barn made by the previous owner/family. I'll get some photos of them soon, you might like some of them!

Also ❤️ linseed oil.

@flatmountain Ohh that sounds like tons of fun restoring and making handles for them. Axe handles are nice too because they're big and can be decorated more easily :) I'll be really interested to see them and the process of restoring them. Old tools like that are so precious ~

@ritualdust oh right I asked.

What camera did you use to shoot your camera? :p

@dualhammers hahaha with the camera that i also use to call people with XD

@thomasorus Can't help it, I need to make woodworking hot again :P

@ritualdust I see you also have trouble keeping your nails painted while working, we should make a team.

@neauoire @thomasorus @ritualdust at least you paint your nails at all, havent painted mine in ages :(

@ritualdust I've never had a hammer made my heart skip a beat, but goddamn this is gorgeous. love the tapering on the handle!

@bumbervevo ^^ I'm really happy of how the curves turned out, it really guides the hand to the good part of the handle ~

@ritualdust I have something similar that my grandfather gave me so I was so excited when I saw your photos. I have no idea of how old this is but its at least my age which is ... "not young". XD

@gh057 oh yeah totally, the handle looks exactly like the one it use to have too. It's so cool that you have tools that were passed down to you :)

@ritualdust lineseed oil spend a lot of time to dry, I use expensive bromeliae oil as priming for precious tools or cheap recycled wasted body oil in case of common hardware furniture maintenance. Your hands and background has similar tone of the wood hammer, nice photo.

@atabi Thanks a lot for the tips, what are the advantages of bromelia oil apart from faster drying, I'm curious about it :) and thanks ~

@atabi Oh that's very comprehensive, thanks for sharing that, another fun rabbit hole to go down into :D

@tendigits thanks! I feel like I'm finding a format that I like for documenting and sharing these projects :)

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