Just put up the Treecrets cards up on my website with some photos I took in the cemetery today ~

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Figured out how to make snipcart work with my website and added a product for the Treecrets cards on here:
@flatmountain @iooioio @rob

@ritualdust I ask because they would be awesome for the children at my wife's work. She works at a nature based preschool and childcare center.

@rob I'm open to the idea! I'll ask @jameschip and see if he's down with it too :)

@ritualdust My mother-in-law would love these. She practices a lot of.. "forest bathing" with the patients at her hospital. A kind of slow tree-based therapy, sometimes coupled with creative writing.

@flatmountain ohh that would be great, I'm getting a new batch printed soon and I'll put them up on my shop, I'll let you know when they're up :)

@ritualdust Was gonna ask myself. Let me know when I can buy them. They look great!

@iooioio I just need to figure out shipping costs and it'll be up on my website :)

@rob @iooioio I just reproduced the bug, let me check my Paypal settings

@ritualdust @iooioio I tried on Firefox on Android and then Chrome on Windows but they all hang after clicking the PayPal button.
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