Day off from work today, time to make a proper tool chest for all of those

After today’s additions here is where my tool chest stands, still thinking about where to place the hammers while trying to keep everything as accessible as possible

Back to the tool chest! Found a home for the rubber mallet, the small sledgehammer and the spokeshave

The hammers are in! There's still one missing but it needs a new handle, I'll have to do that first before making its holder

The tool chest adventure can continue since I'm done with the missing hammer handle. All the supports are in and the first coat of oil is applied to the inside. I'm going with a natural wood interior and a black painted exterior.

Time to make the doors of the tool chest which will contain the chisels, screwdrivers, measuring and marking tools

For that project I tried to get all the hardware in solid brass or bronze for durability and looks, then I won't have to worry about anything rusting.

Starting the planning of the door storage, i’m putting a bit more thought to this part since i want it to be able to hold a bunch of different types of chisels and screwdrivers. So here is the chisel holder design, there will be two rows of it in depth and the front one will swivel to reveal the bottom one.

The frame of the doors of the toolchest are coming together, got the parts to very satisfying fit thanks to this little plane.


The tool chest journey continues, I found some new antique tools this weekend and It motivated me to get back to it. The next step is to mount it on the wall, so I'm making some french cleats.

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