Has anyone here have attempted to make kvass? I'm really curious to try it

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@ritualdust Never made it, but had it and enjoyed it. Back in Poland many "old timey" places would sell it home made and you could also sometimes buy it bottled like a soft drink in some supermarkets.

If you just want to try it, and you have a Polish/Ukrainian/Russian deli nearby they probably have it :)

@FredBednarski excellent! I'll have a look around, we have a couple of nice polish grocery stores in Montreal :)

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@ritualdust I love beet kvass, and I've made it a few times. I've tried using whey as an inoculant, but I prefer the way it tastes without. here is more or less what I tend to do:

I tried making a mixed fruit kvass once, but I didn't like how it turned out. I've never tried a traditional bread kvass, but it sounds intriguing!

home-fermented beverages 

@twistylittlepassages awesome thanks for sharing that, I was definitely drawn to not using any inoculant either :)
The bread one seems intriguing indeed, probably way better than the infamous bread water British recipe haha

@ritualdust also really curious to try it! here's a vid on making it from one of my fav fermentation people c:

@ritualdust My little brother tried once, but since it's alcoholic fermentation and we couldn't check if it wasn't methanol, we didn't drink much of it x))

Tasted ok tho, i think he used oats or maybe it was buckwheat i can't remember...

@ritualdust I haven’t ever made it, but I’ve had it a few times:

twice (or maybe even thrice?) in bottles/cans from the local Russian markets - I really didn’t enjoy it, was super sweet and somewhat beer-ish. I think it might be somewhat like lemonade - homemade is really not the same drink as what you get from the soda fountain.
once from a friend who brewed it herself - this was quite tart and a little sweet, almost like a mild + malty kombucha, without the vinegar. This was my favorite.
once from a local food cart - this wasn’t as good as my friends, it was substantially sweeter, and purple - I think it must have had berries or something in it.

These were all bread kvass, not beet kvass.

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