The Pre-order is open for ! I had some trouble with the shipping rates but everything's good now! You can order one of the 2 printed versions or get the pdf version for free :)

@ritualdust just pre-ordered my copy!! can't wait for them to ship out :blobcatsip:

@ritualdust So excited to get this, it looks so beautiful! Not gonna download the pdf until after I've seen the real thing in my hands <3

@grimmware thanks a lot! It's definitely worth the wait to read the physical things, nothing beats transparent pages and real ink :)

@twistylittlepassages it's in the cart, there will be a dropdown, I'll try to clarify the instructions ~

@ritualdust oh I see the dropdown now! is there a way to make it more obvious?

@twistylittlepassages i don't control the whole ecommerce UI but I'll try giving clearer instructions on the page :)

@twistylittlepassages@weirder.awesome thanks for pointing that out ^^

@ritualdust I wanted to grab one, but your eshop told me you don't ship to France ?

@jylm6d oh that's very odd, let me check the settings, i can ship to france no problem :)

@jylm6d hmm france is active, you you DM me your address? I'll take note to send one to you and try to see with the folks at snipcart about the bug

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