We're sharing our new Blood and dust single tomorrow, but you get to see the artwork before everyone because you're all pretty cool


Our new song is out on Bandcamp! Definitely going away from ritual ambient and into ritual industrial territory with this one, also some lyrics! I'm really curious what you think of it :3

@ritualdust sounds really nice, I have to go and listen with headphones :)

@ritualdust I like it when it goes off, with the drums and screaming, like a witchier Skinny Puppy

@owl that's my favorite part too and that's an awesome compliment ^^

@ritualdust has a very cinematic vibe! Love the scraping metal sound at the very beginning. Definitely the soundtrack to a powerful ritual of vengeance and spite. the rhythmic thumping around the two minute mark makes for a suspenseful build, as if to over take the listeners heartbeat, entrance them as the song reaches an industrial techno climax. An ideal opener track to a goth/industrial mixtape/club night!

@ritualdust This is great, I love the steady buildup of pressure. Will this be played on stage at some point?

@jkb thanks! We would like to, we just have to figure out how to perform it first

@ritualdust @signaltonoise fkin sick!!! love it <3 bewitching audio I feel right at home in, and that cover artwork is perfect. I’m also proud I could read it hahaha

@amatecha @signaltonoise thanks a lot! It's definitely not an easy read, you must be listening to quite a bit of black metal haha

@ritualdust I've been looking for music like this for some time. I think it falls in line with the music I'm making. We would go well together on tour ;)

@megabyteGhost thanks! I've just started listening to your stuff on bandcamp, it's pretty good!

@ritualdust this is beautiful and dark and all the right kinds of strange, and somehow just what I needed today.

@draco that's really nice of you, I'm glad you enjoyed the ritual ~

@ritualdust I love it. I really do. my kind of music. thanks for sharing.

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