I now want to illustrate a programming book, hit me up for a weird medieval fantasy inspired cover illustration for your guide to functional programming, book about permacomputing or zine about how to get started with uxn :P

@ritualdust i do want to write some fun and interesting K literature..

@ritualdust the uxn tutorial, that i'd like to convert into an ebook, could definitely use a weird medieval fantasy inspired cover illustration :cooldog:

@sejo i would love to do that! Hit me up when you’re ready for that :3

@ritualdust @sejo I'd love to see the uxn tutorial series with little illustrations <3

@neauoire @sejo same, it's definitely something i'd like to work on, let's talk about what sections would need illustrations and i can slowly get at it :3

@ritualdust @sejo A little illustration to accompany the RPN(stack) explainer would be nice. A little character that moves the item of a stack around.

Have you ever flipped through Starting Forth?

@neauoire @sejo no i haven't but i might now, I'll give this a read this weekend and see what comes to my mind :3

@ritualdust @sejo Land of Lisp is another fun illustrated programming book that might give you some ideas

@ritualdust optional:

I'm making a "synthwave from scratch" blog series, which dives into making a synthwave track using DSP code from my sndkit project, and my gesture sequencer:

The code and concepts will mostly be presented using LIL, an embedded TCL-like language used as a DSL in sndkit:

I'd love weird medieval art for it. I have a concept of taking the information from the blog and turning it into a surreal radio talkshow drama where the host interviews the sounds in their space bubble. Not exactly medieval... but if I got doodles and illustrations you bet I'd find a way to make it work.

@ritualdust Some years ago, I got this kind of illustration for a magazine article I wrote about abandoned Unix hardware. Still like it a lot!

@viznut @ritualdust i love it! do you know who made it? i might use it as a header image :)

@ritualdust @sejo Mikko O. Torvinen, used to be on IRC with the nick "motkonkoi"
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