Revisiting my photos from Iceland and remembered how great of a time I had in the Reykjavik flea market. There was such a trove of beautiful books and typefaces in there ~

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I've been quite enjoying writing a travel log / collection of my knowledge about Iceland from my photos and artefacts and books I brought back. Now I'm wondering if i should publish it now and keep working on it or wait until I have a good version of the whole thing...

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the functional beauty of this tray. Folk arts and craft have this way of making things beautiful while at the same time keeping them very relatable and human

@ritualdust Oh wow!
I think I've got quite an unconditional love for these gothic typefaces.

@nico_n same tbh, in an alternate life i would see myself spending months recreating them digitally

@ritualdust Oooh, nice. When I was there, COVID19 lockdowns were just beginning so most stuff was closing off and we barely even got home (flight was canceled and had to take a different route home!)... Can't wait to go back, sometime. Such an amazing place!

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