@ritualdust lol, imagine being able to afford enough new clothes for a look in the 21st century

@ritualdust I wonder though, was it always that way of using thrifting.

@zudlig it got so cliche and doesn't leave room for much diversity either, we can do way better

@ritualdust Right now I think most of the rebellious youth try to be literally anonymous and nondescript for the most part. Perhaps that crazy high-contrast anti-face-recognition makeup will catch on some day.

@ritualdust I don't know if there's a more up to date of this glorious historic image.

@ritualdust This quote has always struck me as a bit "old man yells at cloud." His thinking falls apart for me in a few ways:

0) Developing a physical style associated with an illegal activity in which there is no street game doesn't make any sense. It'd only be a liability to do so.

1) "Hacktivism" isn't a subculture. It's an activity members of subcultures engage in. *Those* subcultures *do* tend to have identifiable styles and symbols.

2) Even groups whose primary activities are hacking 1/

@ritualdust have styles and symbolism within the realms in which they operate. John Waters just seems to be upset here that clothing, being a part of meatspace, is, at best, irrelevant to these groups which never physically meet. 2/2

@ryan I agree with you on the styles and symbolism part, his point is somewhat petty and kind of a call to tradition but I still think it would be fun to play around with fashion in that way :)

@ritualdust this man is so fucking correct.
even black bloc is intentionally basic and limiting.


If you think it's cool just because of the outfit you'll never "shut down the government."

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