Doing this year along with John Eternal (who's posting up a black metal album every day of December in IG) and here's my first piece

Day 5 of is Chagrin which I picture being a brutal DSBM band from France or something

Day 7 of is for Dungeon, making the tiles for that little game project really put me in the mood for that kind of stuff :3


Day 9 of is for Summoning, a band I’ve been in love with for a long time. Nothing quite matches their mix of black metal, dungeon synth and tolkien-infused fantasy ambient

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Day 11 of is Hive, definitely inspired by xenomorphs and spiky alien life forms. I had Giger and Tyranids in mind for this one, it would work great for some space-horror themed atmospheric black metal I think

Day 13 of is Den of Evil, strong Diablo 2 vibes with this one, might try more color in the upcoming ones too

Day 14 of is for Stone Circle. Now that I'm part of the stone club I thought it would be appropriate :P

Day 15 of is "The Return of the Repressed" what I interpreted as the title of a fictional movie conjured by Hex, which will be part of an upcoming things I'm doing for Blood and Dust.

Day 16 of is for goth resentment, which can get pretty strong this time of year

Day 19 of is Nazgul, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first Lord of the Rings movie

Day 21 of is for Chthonien, the french word for Chthonic, which refers to the dark internal side of the earth, where deep wisdom lives and an old language can be found.

@ritualdust Looks also a bit orthodox christian; a great desecration :

@eclecticGob that would be cool, i might consider making merch with some of those after december is over, in 2017 i made a couple of mugs that i still love

@ritualdust That looks so good! i you launch some i'd definitely try to get my hands on it :D

i did paint a bunch of mugs last year as well, it's always a nice touch x))

@cblgh The ominous screeching coming from Minas Morgul as you try to sneak past, unnoticed, the best sound

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