One thing I really look forward to with tattooing is making little gap fillers between other tattoos, I also have this idea of connecting different tattoos with black-metal-logo-like webbing :3

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@ritualdust love the key and coin. We need to get together so you can get me some ink :)

@caffo I would love to! Let me know if you ever come around Montréal :)

@ritualdust will let you know. Getting back flying again after two years :)

@ritualdust Aaahhh le petit wood lice <3.

C'est TELLEMENT beau pleins de petits assets ensemble sur une page :>.

@rek @ritualdust

<reveillement value=0.25>

I've read "sur une plage", which makes a lot of sense too.

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@jameschip @rek wow haha c’est des très petits cochons, je me demande d’ou ca vient ce nom la

@ritualdust @rek Norfolk dialect.

Pollywiggle -> tadpolen je
Dodderman -> snail

@jameschip @rek these are adorable names, i love all the regional dialects in the british isles

@rek mercii, contente de voir que je suis pas la seule a apprécier le wood lice :3

All of these designs would neatly fit into #Mausritter a very cute Pen and Paper RPG :rainbow_heart_eyes:

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