The submission are open for second edition! Send along your writing, poetry, illustrations, photos or something else entirely on the theme of ghosts, hauntology, occultism or spooky folklore. There is no submission deadline yet but i think I'll leave them open for a month or two. Boosts appreciated, let your friends know about it and look up issue 1 for inspiration ~ 👻

You folks are the best, I already got a couple of amazing submissions, for I'm so excited to put them together :3

@ritualdust Sick. Maybe I'll try and submit something this time..I'll dig around under the floorboards and see what turns up.


That's what I love about Mastodon. Meeting people working on interesting projects.

@hairylarry totally agree and the collaboration and genuine interest of people is really great too!

@ritualdust is it okay to share this toot outside of mastodon?

@ritualdust I learned about the concept of psychogeography thanks to your post! Thanks and good luck with the zine.

@knirscher thanks! And glad to have introduced you to it, it’s an enjoyable rabbit hole :)

@ritualdust oh I'm so excited for this! Might need to make a submissions :>

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