Stain is done on the inside and outside of my bodhran, next up is a couple of coats of oil then it'll be ready to received a skin!

My bodhran kit came with a way too small elastic to hold the skin while it dries, I replaced it with an old bike tube

The skin is on the drum! Now I'm crossing my fingers that it dries out to a good tension 😬

@ritualdust Liz this bodhran has a very strong Goth Brittany vibe I love it.

@thomasorus thanks! Embracing my celtic ancestry and my gothness in one move haha

@ritualdust Oh my... the only time I ever came across the name bodhran was in a fantasy novel, and I thought it was made up. Turns out it's a real thing?

@Gremriel it is a very real thing! It comes initially from ireland and spread out in other celtic countries afterwards and it’s been used in folk music since a very very long time :)

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