Today I learned to take photos of pencil drawings instead of scanning them for the best results, it keeps so much more of the nuance and subtle tones.

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@ritualdust may I ask how / with what equipment? I can't take good photos of my pencil works at all: they all look too dark and lose contrast.

@melyanna I used my sony a6300 with a 24mm lens, ligthing the image with the sun coming in through a window. The key is to have nice even lighting and getting a good exposure. A tripod also helps to keep the camera steady :)

@ritualdust @melyanna Wouldn't a good scanner get the same result? Not sure what you're using, but eg. in Simple Scan you can set it to scan a document or an image. With text you don't want subtle gradients, so you do a threshold operation.
I remember scanning my drawings on the photography club's scanner/printer at high school and I could even see the texture of the graphite.

@csepp @ritualdust I don't think I ever managed a scan as crisp as the photo posted here.

@melyanna @ritualdust Hmm. Do you remember what model it was and roughly what settings you used? I'm pretty certain you can get a higher DPI with a scanner, but that's just domain resolution, maybe a camera can differentiate more tones? 🤔
I should ask my digital image processing teacher...

@ritualdust Thank you! I definitely think I am not getting the right light. And yeah, I should find a tripod.

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