I decided to team up with a friend who loves coming up with RPG worlds, items and characters to make and illustrate a series of weapons that can be used in different RPG games, super excited to get started :D

Starting a weekly series of fantasy weapons for role-playing games, illustrated by me and complete with stats and backstory provided by my friend Steven.


Here's the first weapon sheet I made in collaboration with my friend. We'll make one of these per week for the foreseeable future, building a world around them at the same time, him writing the lore and me illustrating it. I'll post more details on the illustration process on my Patreon as I go ~

@ritualdust what a great pairing of illustration and lore. This feels like the start of a great game play documentation. Looking forward to seeing more.

@ritualdust As a former publisher, I can say you are on a track for a kind of success if that's a thing you want to chase.

Your work is always stellar, and they would find a good home in games publishing.

@grey thanks a lot! I would definitely enjoy doing more of that kind of work :)

@ritualdust I’m so excited to see more of these. The typography and layout are just… *mwah*! 👌

It inspired me to poke around the TeX sphere to make more Gygaxy stuff for my own campaign and world building.

Michael Davis put out this “rpg-module” package and it seems to do a pretty good job. Your layout is *AWESOME*, I just thought I’d share this! Looking forward to seeing what you and your friend create very much!


@chotrin thank you! Expect one more every week ~ that looks quite good! I'd like to give latex a try one day for layouts :)

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