Finally completed this crazy illustration I did for the black metal band Ossuary Wraith. My biggest ink piece to date and one that taught me so many new things ~ I'm taking commissions for merch like that and album covers btw ;)

also the ossuary wraith says fuck fascists and fight for trans rights

@ledeuns they're working on their first demo but you can listen to some stuff here: and at their live shows ;)



Be prepared to questions like "How many liters of ink it required?" 😄

@ritualdust Holy crap that's the most goth metal illu I have seen in.. uh.. ever? Badass.

@ritualdust #picturedescription :
black and white picture, white ink on black ground. placed upright, din format.
from bottom to top: a frame around the whole motif, following the paper format, made of bones, ribcages and skulls with stylised scythe-blade-like blades pointing outwards. on the upper skulls are burning candles, whose smoke forms a pattern over everything, 1/?


picturedescription 2:
but not yet the band logo, which is at the bottom in the middle. it forms the lettering: "Ossuary Wraith" from intertwined, scythe-blade-like letters. below the band logo are two diagonally crossed bones. 2/?

@ritualdust picturedescription3:
above the band logo is a table surface, on which is a pad with paper peeking out from underneath. on the pad is a half-open box with a lock. on the paper are symbols and signs, astrological, magical and for genderqueer . out of the box rises something smoky that becomes the upper body skeleton of a knight with a sword and shield with a cap. on the shield are three downward pointing arrows.
thin white spider-silk-like sticky threads hang between everything.3/3

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