I'm done selecting the pieces for issue 2 of , I'm now deep in the layout phase of it and trying new things with the text this time :)

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Designing books and zines is so much fun, I could make cool spreads like this all day.
Feat. @voidxwitch

@ritualdust Coool! Can't wait :D

Are you going to do text justification and hyphenation? Maybe it's worth a try, dunno!

@ritualdust I love these illustrations. They make me remember the old Fighting Fantasy books.

@neocolapsar yes yes yes, that’s exactly what i was going for! Thanks :)

@ritualdust Beautiful! I really like the way you render grass/meadows and pathways. I'll try to copy some of your techniques. By the way are those originally drawn on paper and scanned?

@rostiger thanks! I've been experimenting with those more recently, especially the grass :) I've been really inspired by kittlesen for that ~ They were drawn with a nib pen on bristol yes!

@ritualdust I appreciate your first zine so much, can’t wait for this one! Really sad that I can’t buy a physical copy

@ritualdust I love these text-wrapping layouts, but hate composing them, as they always require so much maintenance as they get adjusted.

Have you considered justified text?

@malin i really prefer left aligned to justify, i find it preserves better spacing between letters and words

@ritualdust I like it with one column, but two gets little weird without justification. Might just be me though.

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