Drawing a new flash sheet for the coming of death season and I'm getting excited 😬


And I'm done with my first tattoo flash sheet! It's been a process but it's really satisfying to have all these drawing fitting well on a sheet like that. If you're around Montreal and want one of these, reach out to me :)

@ritualdust is there any symbolism behind the bent/broken nails (either the two together or the singular one). beautiful work!

@cmhobbs thanks! not much symbolism there, it's just nice old coffin nails :)

@ritualdust these are amazing! I’ll be moving to Ottawa next year and just may have to come pay you a visit once I’m there 👀

@ritualdust I have an EDL now. Living in VT. What's your schedule like?? I'd love to meet ya and get a gorgeous tattoo from you 😻

@eejum hi there! Send me a dm and we can look at that :)

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