Slowly falling in love with dip pens for inking, there's just so much more control over the line width, the feeling of it scratching the paper is so great, it's cheaper and it doesn't create waste like microns do ~

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@ritualdust same :) it warps your hand-writing as to not make sharp corners that might explode ink all over.

@neauoire i haven't tried writing with it too much yet, I'm curious how my handwriting's gonna adapt to that

@lyncia micron pens, they're disposable fixed width ink markers used by a lot of artists :)

@ritualdust I read of someone re-filling microns. I tried it once, didn’t work out, ink may be to blame though? I would be curious to try again to get some use out of some spent pens (got a few that I’ve been keeping).
I also have a dip pen and love the effect, I ought to try and use it for my comic work (still have a bunch of pens that work), just gotta get over that fear of making accidental big bad blobs of ink on the page.

@rek Oh god yes, I've had this happen after carefully preparing the hole page. ;__;
@ritualdust Do you use different nibs or do you have a favorite one that covers most/all of your needs?

@rostiger @rek oh noo yeah that must suck, I try to use a blotter sheet on the side to remove excess in or try it when reloading it before going to the actual drawing

@rostiger @ritualdust I got a set of dip pen(nibs and ink) after seeing Kazu Kibuishi ink his comic pages (Copper), when I was in college. At the time I remember being so damn impressed with how clean his work was, no blotches.
When I mess around wth the dip pen I have a messy sheet too! It helps. I’m gonna try and do a test page, try and earn some dip pen confidence ^_^;

@rek @rostiger yeaah that's impressive, I saw a great video of Junji Ito inking with a dip pen too. I really encourage you to try it, I'm curious to see the result :3

@rostiger @rek oh and for the nibs i find myself using two primarily, a very fine flexible one and a slightly wider typography one :)

@rek oh i'd be curious to try that. refilling microns. It would probably work great for inking comics I've been thinking that while working on some drawings recently, i find i work faster and in a more expressive way with the dip pens :)

@ritualdust @rek I tried to refill a pen once with water based black ink (chine/india ink) but it didn't go well. What worked best was to use the tip of thicker markers to pick some ink. Like a spongy dip pen.

@ritualdust have you tried refillable technical pens? (Rotring isograph, rapidograph, etc)

@slink not yet but i hear good things about the rotring ones :)

@ritualdust i have a rotring 800 mechanical pencil, and a rotring tikky graphic, and both are really nice. Definitely want to invest in a isograph or rapidograph when i can!

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