That is so cool, using wall as thermal mass to grow vegetables from a more temperate climate, good old 16th century sustainable tech:

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@ritualdust In case you're not aware there's a family of earth-warmed greenhouse methods as well, "Walipini" being the name of one popular approach. There's a YouTuber who grows oranges in Nebraska which I think is fairly cool.

@ritualdust I just learned about them recently and am considering designing a small one into our new garden at home.

@mirth nice! sounds like a fun project, I'm wondering how they would perform in ireland weather where we're planning to have a house with a garden, it's pretty cool to have vegetables and fruits all year round

@ritualdust Ireland is relatively mild compared to places like Nebraska where the idea has worked so performance would likely be very good. We're in the US Pacific NW so I think similar climate to yours l, I'm optimistic but I haven't done any calculations yet.

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